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      Welcome to VanillaPura's gourmet vanilla bean co-op

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      The concept of the co-op is simple: We combine your orders with others to save on larger purchases. In return, you get lower prices on grade-A vanilla beans with a 100% quality & satisfaction guarantee.  

      Click on any of the following to purchase co-op vanilla beans:

      Add richness and flavor to your extracts by purchasing our co-op oak blocks for extracts:

      If you would like to ask others about our co-op, join our private Facebook group with more than 30,000 members that love talking about vanilla beans and homemade extracts. 

      See more information below about how the co-op works. Thanks for visiting our vanilla bean co-op! We are Jill & Paul, and our vanilla journey began more than 10 years ago after a trip to Mexico. The vanilla bean co-op is one of our favorite offerings at VanillaPura. 

      How does the co-op work? 

      The co-op concept is simple: You wait a little, to save a lot. Here's how:

      1. Visit one of our product pages above to place your order for vanilla beans at our bulk, discounted price. The minimum purchase is usually 1oz. to 2oz.
      2. Your order will be combined with other orders until a large bulk order can be placed with one of our vanilla bean farmers around the world. 
      3. Your order will be vacuum packaged and shipped to you as soon as it arrives. Depending on availability, lead time can be 4 - 8 weeks based on US customs clearance, shipping lead times, etc. We will communicate with you if shipping is beyond 6 weeks.  
      4. As a member of the co-op, we ask that you submit reviews of the products on our website and/or send us a review of your experience via email or letter. We also ask that you share this co-op with your friends so it can grow without the need for expensive marketing that will drive up the price. Finally, we ask that you serve as an ambassador to help any friends or family with questions that they may have about how this program works. By aiding in the teaching and the customer service of your friends and family, it will allow us to keep costs to a minimum. In return, you will continue to have access to discounted, bulk vanilla bean pricing. 

      Be sure to include your email address at checkout so we can email you regular updates regarding your ETA.

      About the Co-Op

      We started this co-op with a small group of friends. They wanted to buy our vanilla beans in bulk at lower prices to make homemade vanilla extract, vanilla bean paste, custom home brews, or a million other fun vanilla bean creations. In return for great pricing, we asked that they helped each other with order placement and that they spread the word to help the co-op grow by word-of-mouth. 

      Well, our "little" co-op just keeps growing and today it includes vanilla bean aficionados from all around the world. We ship everywhere and the more we ship, the better the price. (So share this page with your friends so they can participate and pricing can continue to improve!) 

      Our beans are guaranteed to be the highest, grade-A quality and they are all shipped vacuum sealed to ensure maximum freshness and shelf life. Even within our co-op, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

      Please review our detailed FAQs below for more important information.


      • Q: What is my responsibility as a member of this co-op?
      • A: We have just 4 requests of each co-op member:
        1. Every member should provide a review of their purchase either online, on social media, via email or even a hand-written letter to help us improve and to help new members learn.
        2. Every member should share this co-op with at least 3 friends or family members to help the co-op grow. This will help us to continually improve pricing and lead times by keeping marketing costs to a minimum.
        3. Every member should remain the point of contact for all of your friends and family that you introduce to this program. Help answer their questions and teach them how to order. This will allow us to keep customer service costs to a minimum. 
        4. Every member should be patient. Because we are combining your orders with others to gain ordering, shipping, picking and packing efficiencies, your lead time will be 4-8 weeks. (4 weeks is the current average.)
        • Q: If I have a problem with my order or if I'm not happy with what I received, what should I do?
        • A: Please give our customer service team a chance to resolve your concern before writing a negative, public review. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and an amazing customer support team. Send us an email ( or give us a call at 1-844-999-PURA(7872) and we will make sure that we fully resolve your concerns. 
        • Q: I'm a business. Can I buy vanilla beans through your co-op, like a wholesale order?
        • A: Yes, but the same rules apply.
        • Q: Why can you sell vanilla beans in the co-op at a lower price then you sell them on your retail store?
        • A: The added lead time with co-op orders allows us to buy and bulk and ship in bulk, providing significant cost savings. Participants buy vanilla beans by the oz, instead of by the individual bean, making orders larger. We also don't spend as much money advertising this program. It grows mostly via word-of-mouth, so please share this page with all your friends and family! Because you are willing to wait for your orders and because we aren't spending significant marketing dollars on this program, we can sell to you at a much lower price. 
        • Q: Can I take advantage of website promotions and discounts in addition to the volume discount I'm already getting on my co-op?
        • A: Unfortunately, no. If we see that you have applied an additional discount code to your co-op order, we will cancel your order. You are already buying at the lowest pricing possible. We can't afford to apply additional discounts.
        • Q: How do I order?
        • A: This is the easy part, because we have a retail store already in place. Just visit one of our product pages (links above) and place your order for whatever type of vanilla bean you would like. You can use any credit card, PayPal or Amazon Pay. We will then wait for the minimum order quantity to fill and then the order will be placed with one of our global vanilla bean farmers. Once the beans clear customs and arrive, we will vacuum package them based on your order weight and ship them to you. Co-op vanilla beans will all say "Co-Op" in the name. If they don't say "co-op", then you are buying a more expensive retail product.  
        • Q: How much do co-op vanilla beans usually cost?
        • A: Our best deals are often as low as $11/oz, but market conditions affect pricing dramatically. We will still offer vanilla beans when market conditions aren't favorable, but pricing will be higher. (Still much less than retail pricing, of course.) Pricing on beans with lower, global supply can be as high as $60/oz. Pricing will be updated regularly to make sure you can buy at the lowest possible price. Rest assured that your pricing will NOT be increased after you have placed your order. Here is some information about vanilla bean pricing and why vanilla beans are the 2nd most expensive spice in the world. (Saffron is the first most expensive spice, in case you were wondering.) 
        • Q: How many vanilla beans are included in an oz? 
        • A: It depends on each shipment. If the beans are large and plump with higher moisture content, then it may be as few as 3-6 beans. If the vanilla beans are small with low moisture content, you may get as many as 20 vanilla beans. 6-10 beans is usually the average per oz. Because of the variability of weight per vanilla bean, the FDA defines pure vanilla extract using vanilla bean weight instead of bean count. 
        • Q: Can I order beans any time?
        • A: Most of the time, yes. There have been instances in the past (like hurricanes) that have impeded our ability to order vanilla beans. Assuming all countries are open, we can usually get vanilla beans any time. If not, a notice will be located on the product page. 
        • Q: I still haven't received my vanilla beans. Where are they? 
        • A: We will generally use USPS or UPS and provide tracking numbers as soon as the order is processed and shipped. That's why it's important to provide either an email address or a phone number when you order with us, so tracking information can be sent. Please note that tracking information will not be sent until we receive the vanilla beans from our farmers and we pick, pack and ship your order. 
        • Q: Do you ship to Canada and/or other international locations?
        • A: Yes we do. Your options will be listed at checkout. If you don't see your country available, please let us know. We have shipped our vanilla beans all around the world. 
        • Q: What is the difference between each vanilla bean? (Madagascar vs. Mexican, vs. Indonesian, etc.)
        • A: See the "Vanilla 101" section of our site to learn more. Also, you will see specific descriptions on each product page linked above. 
        • Q: How do I store my vanilla beans?
        • A: To achieve the longest shelf life, store them in a cool place away from direct sunlight in a vacuum sealed pouch. (This is why we ship all of our beans vacuum sealed.) Here is some helpful information about vanilla bean care.  
        • Q: Are shipments guaranteed?
        • A: Yes, if we receive poor quality beans or shipping is delayed beyond 12 weeks for any reason at all, we will provide you with a 100% refund if you don't wan't to wait any longer. This is why a co-op with an established retailer like VanillaPura is so important. We stand by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, even within our co-op.

        Any more questions? Send us an email at, or give us a call at 844-999-PURA (7872). We are based in Utah, USA.