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      Special Buy Collection - Lowest Prices - Very Limited Inventory

      Welcome to our Special Buy collection. 

      We are sometimes able to offer limited-time low prices on products in limited quantity. When we do, we offer them as "special buys". Special buy products have their own name to help us distinguish and separate inventory. While no two vanilla beans are exactly the same, a "Sambava" Madagascar bean will be sourced from the same region as our regular Madagascar bean, but will be offered at a lower price. A "Lahaina" vanilla bean will be sourced from the same region as our regular Hawaiian vanilla bean, but offered at a lower price, and so on. All special buy products on this page are simply a lower price version of their group buy and retail counter-parts. 

      We also list special offerings on this page that are limited and usually discounted significantly. 

      We recommend book marking this page and checking back often to see what is in stock. These items stock out very quickly when they become available.