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If you haven't experienced the simplicity of a starter kit, give it a try with this customer favorite and save 15% on your first purchase.

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We've made it easy to start your first vanilla extract. Simply choose the vanilla beans that you want and the bottle that you want, and you'll be ready to begin. The only thing that we can't sell you is the alcohol. You'll have to get that on your own. We recommend vodka with no artificial flavorings. Make sure it is between 35% - 50% alcohol (which is 70-100 proof). 

What bean should you select? Here's how they smell and taste:

Madagascar Classic vanilla that most people begin with. Buttery and sweet.
Indonesian Papua Smokey, sometimes dark and often fruity with cherry notes.
Ugandan Rich, dried fruit with notes of figs and raisins.
Ecuadorian Light, sweet, fruity with cherries and hints of licorice.
Mexican Veracruz Caramel/mocha with hints of cocoa and a spicy vanilla kick.


This kit includes 1oz of vanilla beans and an 8oz glass bottle. To make your first extract with this kit, follow these 4 simple steps:

  1. Put all the vanilla beans in the bottle.
  2. If the beans are too tall, cut them in half (or fold them and insert them into the bottle fold first) to make sure they are fully submerged in the alcohol. 
  3. Fill the bottle with the alcohol you purchased. Leave a little air on top.
  4. Close the lid and store the extract in a cool/dark place for 12 months and...BOOM...your very own homemade vanilla extract! 

If you would like to include extract-making instructions with this kit, you can print out instructions by clicking here

There are lots of other tips and tricks to make thousands of different types of extracts at home using a variety of beans and different spirits. If you want to go down the extract-making rabbit hole, click here to dive in!

If you simply want to make your first extract, then choose your bottle and choose your beans within this kit, and you'll be good to go. 

Remember, this is a group buy product. It's a lower price than retail and will not ship for 4-8 weeks. 

Here's a quick 7-minute video to show you how simple it really is.



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