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***This promotion cannot be combined with any other promotion***

Get a FREE e-Gift Card with Your Order Today!
Get a FREE $10.00 gift card for any order over $60.00. Or,
Get a FREE $15.00 gift card for any order over $100.00. Or,
Get a FREE $40.00 gift card for any order over $200.00. Or,
Get a FREE $75 gift card for any order over $300.00. Or,
Get a $120 gift card for any order over $400.00! 


You need to add this gift card to your order. It will NOT be added and shipped automatically if you do not add it yourself. 

At checkout, the price of this gift card will be changed to $0.00 and it will be automatically emailed to you after your order is placed in a separate email. This means that your order total will need to be more than $70, $115 or more than $240 (including the cost of the gift card) before going to checkout, so when the $10, $15 or $40 gift card price is changed to FREE, your net order total is $60+, $100+ or $200+. 

Or, if you prefer, simply place your order for $60, $100+ or $200+ (not including the gift card) and email us at, and we will be happy to send you the gift card separately at no cost. 

The best part: The gift card will be emailed to you IMMEDIATELY so you won't need to wait for your order to be delivered before receiving the gift card. It's instant, gift card gratification!

Here is how the gift card will look when it is delivered to your email inbox (the value will be $10.00, $15.00, $40, $75 or $120):

VanillaPura gift card image

When you click the "View gift card" button, this is what you will see, but with your own original gift card number and QR code:

Opened gift card image


The gift card can be used at any time once it has been purchased. Simply enter the gift card number at checkout for the value of the gift card to be applied to the order. 

It's that easy! Get a FREE gift card today!! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

This was an exceptional gift given with the purchase of the Book. I was very grateful and appreciative.

bj shaw
best promo

I am so pleased with this promotion for this gift card! I got so excited and forgot to add to my order and because vanillapura has the best customer service they sent it to me so now i can do something special with it !! Thank so much for finding ways to help us out when we order beans!!
BJ Shaw