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      The VanillaPura Story

        Vanilla Beans Drying in Mexico

        (Vanilla beans drying in the hot sun deep in the Yucatan Peninsula) 

        Jill & Paul (owners of VanillaPura) have worked and traveled in the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa, Australia & Asia for more than 20 years. VanillPura, LLC is the first company that they created together.

        Jill was the Founder and "Idea Chief" behind VanillaPura. Paul is in business and has worked internationally in various fields for the past two decades.  

        Paul and Jill with Hawaiian farmer in 2022

        (Paul & Jill with one of their Hawaiian vanilla farmers.) 


        Vanilla bean plantation

        (Paul & Jill visiting a vanilla bean plantation on one of their many trips to the region of the world called the "Bean Belt" where vanilla beans grow.)

        In 2012, Paul & Jill travelled to Mexico on a business trip. While Paul attended meetings, Jill roamed the streets taking in the local culture. Like many tourists in Mexico, she purchased several bottles of, what she believed, was "Pure Vanilla Extract". She gave some of the bottles away as gifts and used some herself. Several months later, she learned that the vanilla she had purchased was not only artificial, but likely included additives that are banned in the USA. And just like that, her vanilla journey began. 

        As Jill reviewed and researched the vanilla extract market even further, she learned that most vanilla is largely artificial. The cheaper it is, the more artificial additives and sweeteners have likely been used.  In addition, finding real vanilla extract is difficult and, once found, the flavors are inconsistent and limited because inexpensive spirits are used for extraction. 

        Jill learned that finding the highest quality vanilla beans was also difficult. Several vanilla bean retailers would come and go on Amazon or e-Bay and their quality was never the same. Grade-A beans were often dry and brittle. They often had mold on arrival and could not be returned. In once instance, Grade-A beans were delivered having been split open and the caviar removed before packaging. Like many at-home extract makers, Jill wanted to find a safe place to buy high quality vanilla beans in lots of different varieties. 

        During the 2016 holiday season, Jill made pure vanilla extract as gifts for several friends and family members. She used the highest quality vanilla beans with five-times distilled and aged spirits. The result was a pure vanilla extract with bold vanilla tones and authentic tastes based on the origin of the beans and the quality of the spirits she used. Everyone loved her vanilla and asked for more! They all wanted to learn how to make their own extract at home, and Jill became the local extract-making coach. And VanillaPura was born! 


        VanillaPura Gourmet Vanilla

        Jill & Paul want to create a safe, fun and happy place to buy the very best vanilla beans and vanilla extracts. They want to be a source for the highest-quality vanilla beans in the world, working closely with a global network of approved vanilla bean farmers.

        World Map VanillaPura Vanilla Beans

        They are also working hard to provide tools and education about how you can make your own pure, clean and healthy extracts at home. They want to help others become educated about the world of vanilla beans and proper extraction techniques. And of course, they want the quality of their beans to be consistently high, so they instituted the VanillaPura 100%, no questions asked, money back guarantee on every single purchase. 

        (Real vanilla beans in every bottle. Pure ingredients for a cleaner world.)

        Finally, Paul & Jill want to source vanilla beans from every single bean producing region on our amazing and beautiful planet. Not just from 1-2 major regions around the world as most vanilla extract producers do, but from every single region, large or small. Beans from Tonga, Tahiti, Uganda, Hawaii, Indonesia, Mexico and other smaller-producing regions are all part of the VanillaPura offering. They want to introduce you to those cultures and they want to contribute to each culture's growth.

        Several years ago, Paul and Jill were introduced to the founder of the Pemba Foundation. This wonderful group of people is dedicated to improving the economy, living conditions and environment in an effort to help local farmers establish new vanilla bean plantations on the Island of Pemba off the coast of Tanzania. 

        (This is Paul (right) meeting with John Angier (left), retired PBS documentary producer and founder of the Pemba Foundation. Paul presented John with VanillaPura's first donation during this visit several years ago to celebrate a successful first year. This was the first donation of many.)

        VanillaPura is honored to be a regular donor of the Pemba foundation. Funds are used for the growth of local vanilla bean industries that have a significant, direct impact on the lives of entire communities that depend on vanilla exports for their livelihood. 

         (Picture above provided by the Pemba Foundation: "[This is] one of Pemba's best vanilla farmers, named Bakari Mataka Bakari, as he plants new vanilla vines, with a grant from our foundation.  You can see the forest environment, which he has cleared for now, but which will close in on the vines as they grow, providing the necessary shade.  Mr. Mataka is tying the young vine to a support, which he has also planted.  The support will take root and grow, and thus be termite-proof.)


        VanillaPura has become more than just a safe source of pure vanilla extract and the finest quality vanilla beans. It is a culinary, cultural melting pot where you can experience not only the exquisite tastes from regions around the world, but also a source of information and insight about the countries, climates and people who provide our world with vanilla beans. 

        There is something truly magical about a simple vanilla bean. You can't smell it without smiling, and that little bean has brought together tens of thousands of VanillaPura extract makers and has created a global community of kindness and "vanilla bean sweetness" for every participant. 

        "We are all learning more about our planet's vanilla bean industry every day. You are contributing to the industry's long-term growth every time you purchase vanilla from VanillaPura. We are creating a global community of people that love to spread vanilla bean sweetness in every part of the world. We are confident that you will love our community and our premium products. We look forward to getting to know you." - Jill & Paul

        Want to meet tens of thousands of the sweetest extract makers on our planet? Join our private Facebook group to ask questions, share stories and learn from others the best tips and tricks to making all kinds of extracts at home. It's a fun, happy place and we regularly give away free vanilla beans to our group members. Best of all, the members of our group are truly the nicest people on the internet. They love helping new extract makers and they love sharing their experiences. Hope to see you there soon! Just click here to join. 


        Here's a quick exert from one of our live Facebook parties, talking about our sweet members: