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      Everything You Need to Know About Extract Making in One Place
      Within our private Facebook group called "Making Vanilla Extract at Home by VanillaPura." We have thousands of members that love talking about the ins and outs of extract making. If you haven't joined yet, just click on this link to join now. If Facebook isn't your thing, we have captured some of the most popular topics right here on this page.
      Click on any link to learn more about these extract making essentials and check back often as this list continues to change: 
      We will continue to add to this list with "hot topics" discussed with our vanilla extract making pros. Join us on Facebook or just check back here for the latest and greatest in at-home-extract-making tips!     
      For those of you interested in growing your own vanilla orchid, one of our VanillaPura pros is growing vanilla orchids in Florida to harvest his own vanilla beans. 
      You can follow his journey right here