Group Buy The Original Ecuadorian Vanilla Beans - For Vanilla Extract Making & Baking Grade-A


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Bean Family: V. tahitensis
Bean Origin: Ecuador
Bean Quality: Grade A (pliable, moist, oily)
Aroma: Floral, plumb and apricot
Extract Taste: Sweet vanilla with hints of apricots
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We are pleased to present the latest addition to our family of grade-A vanilla beans. Vanilla beans grown in Ecuador offer flavors that are exclusive to the region where they are grown. Of course, the predominant flavor is a bold vanilla that is sweet and somewhat floral. But the smells and tastes of plums, apricots and cherries set this bean apart as an entirely new vanilla experience. Like most tahitensis beans, they are usually in the 10cm - 15cm in length.

When you first open a pouch of Ecuadorian tahitensis vanilla beans, your nose will be met with a strong, floral vanilla scent with undertones of plums and apricots. As you remove the bean from the pouch you will be intrigued by its durable outer skin that is strengthened through the curing and sun-drying process used to harvest these vanilla beans. After it has aired for a moment, the smell of plums, apricots and cherries become more pronounced. 

This is the perfect vanilla bean for a sweet extract utilizing rum or vodka as its alcohol base. For cooking, the caviar of this bean is a perfect addition to homemade ice cream, fruit-based pastries, creams and frostings. It will make a vanilla sugar that is totally unique and can be converted into a powder with innumerable culinary applications. 

This vanilla bean is sure to impress as an entirely new and novel vanilla experience. 

All VanillaPura vanilla beans are all shipped vacuum sealed for freshness and should be stored unrefrigerated in a cool, dry and dark place. Each bean is inspected individually before pouching.

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Customer Reviews

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It took awhile to get my order but the vanilla is great. It was worth the wait.

Cathy Donaldson
Great sweet fruity bean.

This is a special jar my loving son brought home for me to use for the Ambato Ecuadorian beans that Roxanna l Kussela gifted to me. Lovely beans that I put in Costco Kirkland French Vodka. They have a nice sweet fruity vanilla smell and oily feeling to the hands. Very special jar for special beans from a very special lady. Thank you Roxanna. Love your kindness and sweetness. ❤💞

Karen Vaughan
What a lovely bean!

Besides the wonderful fragrance of this bean, I was thrilled with how plump and juicy each bean is. As I split them for extracting, the caviar was just oozing out of them. I can’t wait to taste the extract or the sugar (plenty of oil in the package)! I will definitely be ordering more of this delicious vanilla bean.

Wonderful smell and quality!

I got the Ecuadorian and Tahiti on the same day and they are really different from one another but Ecuadorian to me had more of a floral sweet scent which is AMAZING!

Sherry Tilton
Light and fruity

A delicious light and fruit aroma similar but slightly different to Tahiti. Cannot wait to try this in creme brulee and my buttercream frosting. Thanks for bringing such a unique bean to us!