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We hold regular extract-making workshops using Zoom so we can speak face-to-face (virtually) with our guests as we make extracts together. This year we will be making every extract in our best-selling book, The Art of Extract Making. From banana extracts (as pictured above) to strawberry extracts, other fruit and nut extracts, cacao, coffee, mocha and, of course, many different types of vanilla extracts. 

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A little more about them:

Paul & Jill made their first vanilla extract in 2016. Their passion for extract making led them to start an online community of global extract makers that exceeds 100,000 members today. Their first book, "The Art of Extract Making" has been on the Amazon best-sellers list every day since its publication in September 2023. Their business, VanillaPura, is home to more than 40 types of vanilla beans from nearly 30 different countries and regions around the world. They have recently been featured on Emmy Award Winning Daytime on NBC, NPR and as culinary instructors on Christopher Kimball's Milk Street for their bold extract-making innovations.

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Members of clubVpura can attend every workshop for FREE during the life of their club membership. The FREE link this event will be posted in our clubVpura Facebook group for clubVpura members only 15 minutes before the start of each class.