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      For our DIY extract makers that are looking for an elegant label with room for all of the important information about your extracts like the type of beans, type of alcohol, the date it was made and more, we've got you covered! 

      Click on any of the labels below for a free download that is formatted to print using Avery 22820 pre-cut, adhesive labels. (These can be ordered on Amazon) Just place a single sheet of Avery 22820 in your printer and click "print" on the file below, and the labels will print perfectly (in color or black and white) on the label. You only need to peel the printed label off the sheet, write down the appropriate information on the label, and then apply it directly on your bottle. It's that easy!

      Here is the shape of each label: (The size of this image will vary on each computer or digital device screen. The term "actual size" in the image refers to the measurements listed above the words "actual size".)Shape and size


      Below you will see each of our pre-designed label options for your sheet of Avery 22820. Click on any one you would like to open the print-ready file. Then, just insert your Avery sheet into your printer and then click "print" on the label file you choose. That's it!

      The Basic Label Black & White
                         The basic label
      The Basic Label Tan
      The basic tan
      The Basic Label Blue
      The basic blue
      The Tan Fill Label
      Tan Fill Label
      The Blue Fill Label
      Blue fill
      The Tan Fill Watermark Label
      Tan Fill Watermark
      The Blue Fill Watermark Label
      Blue fill watermark label
      The Tan Box Fill Label
      Tan box fill
      The Blue Box Fill Label
      Blue box fill label
      Tan Vanilla Flower
      Tan Vanilla Flower
      Tan Bold Vanilla Border
      Tan Vanilla Border
      Tan Vanilla Classic 
      Tan Vanilla Classic
      Tan Vanilla Rope
      Tan Vanilla Western
      Tan Vanilla Island Flower
      Island Flower Tan
      Tan Vanilla Rustic
      Tan vanilla rustic
      Tan Vanilla Island Breeze
      Tan Vanilla Island Breeze
      Tan Island Rope
      Tan Island Rope