Using a cocktail smoker is a creative way to make your own gourmet finishing salts. Just imagine the flavor of vanilla, with a smokey oak, salty addition, to your grilling meats and savory sauces.  The applications are limitless!



-2-3 vanilla beans (Sumatra and Indonesian vanilla beans have a lovely smokey undertone, but use whatever is YOUR favorite)

-8oz of sea salt flakes

-1oz VanillaPura American heavy toast oak blocks



  1. Place the vanilla beans, sliced, and scraped into a 16 oz jar.
  2. Add the sea salt.
  3. Place the Oak blocks in a cocktail smoker filter on a jar, torch, and place the lid on.
  4. Allow the smoke to fill the jar and permeate the vanilla beans and sea salt flakes.
  5. Remove the cocktail smoker and place the oak blocks, when cooled, into the jar and replace the lid.
  6. Shake lightly and store in a cool dry place.


Your smoked vanilla sea salt is now ready to use!


MoonBabe Olivia, Thank you for sharing your recipe! :)

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