Various spice blends can be super helpful when trying to pull together a quick weeknight dinner. They can transform dull meat or vegetables into something new and crave-worthy, and pull you out of your dinner rut.
Campbell is one of our amazing group members in our private Facebook group, Making Vanilla Extract by VanillaPura. Earlier last week, he shared one of the most unique but exciting extracts we have seen! Cajun Extract is the perfect addition to your BBQ and marinade needs this grilling season. We are so excited to share his recipe in his own words and pictures. 


  • One 3oz. Zatairans crawfish/shrimp/crab boil bag.
  • One 750ml bottle of white rum.
  • .5oz whole dried cayenne peppers


  • Pour contents of crab boil packet into a quart jar with white rum. Cover jar with coffee filter secured with a rubber band for 2 or 3 days, once bubbling(gassing off) has stopped. 
  • Then remove filter and secure the jar with a lid. Shake daily for 2 weeks.
  • Strain spices through a coffee filter and return liquid to the jar.
  • Rinse off cayenne peppers with fresh alcohol, cut into approx 2" pieces and remove stems.
  • Add to jar of liquid. Put lid on and shake daily for 3 weeks.  Strain through double coffee filter and bottle into your favorite jars. 
  • Yielded 540grams/ 4 and a half 4oz bottles. Yield may vary.
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It’s crawfish season where we live and I saw this extract and thought….YES!!!!! I would like to know how you used it…I’m thinking pinto beans, boudin balls, etc.


Can you tell me how you use this exactlyand the amount you use? It looks amazing!Thank you.Is the recipe available for the dish above?

— Jan

The dish that you have pictured looks Awesome, that makes me hungry. Can you tell me about your recipe?

— Nancy J Smith