Homemade Cherry Extract is such an easy and fun extract to make especially with cherries being in season right now. The upside to making cherry extract is it is so much cheaper than buying it. A tiny bottle can cost a fortune. When you soak cherries in alcohol, the alcohol draws out the cherry flavor and aroma. This recipe is perfect for several dessert, drink, and marinade recipes. Cherry extract will keep for years at a time, allowing you access to real cherry flavor even during the winter months.


    1.  8oz fresh cherries (Your favorite)
    2.  8oz 195 proof Everclear


  • Pit and cut your cherries in half.
  • Pour in Everclear into a mason jar.
  • Toss cherries in the vodka.
  • Give it a shake.
  • Store in a cool, dark place for about 2 weeks.
  • Give it a little shake now and then.
  • After 4 weeks, give it a little taste test. If you think it needs more cherry flavor wait another 4 weeks and taste test again. When it's finished remove and discard the cherries. You can pour it through a sieve to remove any particles. Pour back into jar and store in a cool, dry place.

Note: If you would like to use vodka  instead of Everclear, you can use dehydrated or dried cherries.


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I’m excited to make cherry nougat. I miss my mom so much, these wartime sugar rations are now over! Hooray!

— Hooray

What are the measurements for cherries and alcohol?

— Wendy Lawson

What are the measurements for cherries and alcohol?

— Wendy Lawson

Looks beautiful!!! I didn’t see what type of cherries, does it matter if they are tart or sweet cherries?

— Michele Bridges

Approximately how many cherries to a pint jar?

— Patti Asmus

Can I use canned. Cherries for pies ?I can not find any fresh cherries anywhere at any farmers markets or grocery stores I’d like to use fresh or canned ! I just ordered 50 Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans and Tahitian vanilla beans for extract making g for gifts

— Lisa Flores

Can you use maraschino cherries?

— Marion Lashley

Can you use frozen fruit?

— Bridgid

Funny story. I put Ranier cherries in Captain Morgan Rum in July of last year. I just found them in my cabinet a year later. The Cherries were delicious! I used them in a dish to cook chicken. I still have a jar 3/4 full of Ranier cheery extract!


What kind of cherries?

— Laura

What proof of vodka is used in this? I have chocolate I use for different drinks but it’s a lower proof.

— Kelly

I made mine with 375 mls of vodka and 2 cups of fresh sliced cherries. Today is 2 weeks but it has no cherry flavor. Should I leave it longer

— Judith

I tried dehydrated cherries because I had a large amount on hand. It’s been 2 weeks so I tasted it today. It’s not bad, but doesn’t really scream cherry. Thoughts? Maybe it won’t work? Or just take longer because they’re dehydrated?

— Brenda

Can I use frozen organic cherries?

— Robin Devane

Can you use tart cherries?

— Chris

Do you have to remove the cherries after 2 weeks? Can’t you just leave them in like vanilla extract?

— Donna J Chiesa

How long does it last? Thanks

— Sherryl

For those asking for measurements, I placed cherries in a mason jar and poured enough vodka to just cover them, I did not measure either one, Extract came out great.

— G

How much cherries to what amount if vodka? Can you use other types of alcohol?

— Sandy Fenter

what is the ratio of cherries to vodka

— Melody Harrington