Group Buy The Puebla - V.Cribbiana Vanilla Beans from Veracruz Mexico - For Vanilla Extract & Baking (Grade A)

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Pre-Order our first-ever vanilla V. Cribbian species from the tropical, east cost Veracruz region of Mexico. The biggest, little vanilla bean that is fat, oily and fits in the palm of your hand. Named after the beautiful city of Puebla - known for its beautiful art, architecture and cuisine. 

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Bean Family: V. Cribbiana
Bean Origin: Mexico - Veracruz region
Quality: Grade-A (pliabile, moist, oily) - Short & Wide
Aroma: Warm vanilla, hint of mocha & spice
Extract Taste: Rich vanilla, notes of chocolate, coffee and spice
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This beautiful Grade-A vanilla bean is a V.cribbiana bean, which means a few things:

  • First, it's incredibly plump. Not long (in fact, kind of short). But full of caviar and vanilla bean sweetness. Just 4-5 beans/oz normally.
  • Second, it's a newer species found originally in Brazil and just now starting to be cultivated in more places. It's one of the most rare vanilla beans on our planet. 
  • Finally, like the Pompona bean, its orchid is much larger and can be pollinated by bees, but is still pollinated by hand since the pollination window is so short.

The V.cribbiana species of vanilla bean has an entirely different taste and aroma as traditional Planifolia and Tahitensis vanilla. It's also a more rich and complex vanilla than the Pompona species. But it's still in the vanilla bean family so its primary scent will be familiar to you. It will present a bold, classic vanilla base, but there will be stronger notes of chocolate and coffee. You will also note the presence of subtle dried fruit and a spicy vanilla kick that is found often within vanilla beans from Mexico. It's truly a flavor and aroma experience all to itself. 

These vanilla beans are not as prolific as the commercially-familiar Planifolia and Tahitensis beans. They don't bloom as often as many orchids, they take longer to mature, their size makes them more difficult to cultivate in quantity, so their global supply is very low. As such, the price for whole, grade-A quality Cribbiana vanilla beans is extremely high. 


 (The beautiful Puebla street of "Callejon de los Sapos") 

This vanilla bean creates a beautiful extract to add to your cooking arsenal with applications in traditional cakes, cookies, frostings, holiday tarts and summertime cobbler and homemade ice cream. 

The Puebla Mexican Cribbiana vanilla beans are very oily and rich with vanillin. They are short, but fat between 3" - 5" inches long and have a dark brown color. There are typically 4-6 beans in an ounce. 

VanillaPura vanilla beans are all shipped vacuum sealed for freshness and should be stored unrefrigerated in a cool, dry and dark place. 

Pricing reflects current market conditions and will be updated as market prices change.