Group Buy - The Alofi - Vanilla Beans from Niue - For Vanilla Extract & Baking (Grade A)


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From the Niue nation island in the South Pacific with a total population of less than 2,000 people, we are excited to introduce you to a rare vanilla bean from a small farm in very limited quantity.

Best Price: $44.99/oz when you buy a 4oz pouch.
Bean Family: V. tahitensis
Bean Origin: Niue
Bean Quality: Grade A (pliable, moist, oily)
Aroma: An exceptionally sweet vanilla with notes of black cherry and tart plumb. 
Extract Taste: Beautiful, familiar vanilla. Tart fruit and hints of plumb. 
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VanillaPura's V. tahitensis Alofi vanilla beans are of the highest quality and boast a flavor as rare and beautiful as their country of origin. This particular vanilla bean originates from South Pacific. East pf Tonga and part of the New Zealand Nation, this tiny little island takes pride in its vanilla cultivation ensuring that each vanilla bean represents the culture and culinary possibilities grown from its fertile soils under the care of its dedicated farmers.   

Niue on map

When you first open a pouch of Alofi vanilla beans, your nose will be met with a familiar but uniquely sweet vanilla aroma. You will tease out conspicuous undertones of cherry and tart plumb within seconds. After extraction is complete, your finished extract will demonstrate an elegant vanilla aroma as the cherry and plumb undertones melt into the vanilla and spirit, exposing the true essence of this sweet vanilla bean.

Niuean vanilla beans are very oily and great for use in making vanilla sugar. They boast a high vanillin content that is expected in most South Pacific vanilla producing regions. They are ideal for virtually any baking application where conspicuous vanilla sweetness is desired. These are plump vanilla beans, and are usually between 5" and 8" inches long and have a dark brown color. 

VanillaPura vanilla beans are all shipped vacuum sealed for freshness and should be stored unrefrigerated in a cool, dry and dark place. 

Alofi coast line

(The Alofi territory coastline, after which this bean is named.)

This is a group buy product page for vanilla bean group buy members. Group buy orders are combined with other customer orders and may have a lead time of 4-8 weeks. The result is the lowest priced, gourmet vanilla beans anywhere. "Wait a little, and save a lot!" 

On average, there are 4-6 beans/oz depending on the moisture content of the specific batch of vanilla beans. There can be as few as 3 beans or as many as 10 beans. Pricing reflects current market conditions and will be updated as market prices change.