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    Vanilla Bean Sweet Dream Extract

    This blended vanilla bean extract is perfect for all sweet treats between Halloween and New Year’s Eve. The use of Mexican and Indian vanilla beans within this recipe provides spicy mocha undertones with rummy notes of sweet molasses. It can be used in both sweet and savory dishes. Add a splash to the holiday ham as it’s baking. Use it in pumpkin-spiced baked goods. You can even add a teaspoon to your holiday coffee, cider, or Hot Toddy! This extract truly has endless applications during the holidays. 

    Makes about 8 ounces of extract

    Extract time: 12 months

    Jar size: 8 ounces or larger


    1/2 ounce Mexican vanilla beans

    1/2 ounce Indian vanilla beans

    1 Ceylon cinnamon stick (Cassia cinnamon will also work)

    1 whole nutmeg

    1 teaspoon whole allspice berries

    8 ounces 70–100 proof vodka


    1. Slice the vanilla beans lengthwise or leave them whole if desired, and place them in the jar.
    2. Break the cinnamon stick in half and add both halves to the jar.
    3. Place the whole nutmeg on a cutting board and cover with a dish towel. Using a kitchen mallet, break the nutmeg into 4–7 small pieces, then add the nutmeg pieces to the jar.
    4. Add the allspice berries to the jar, then pour the vodka over all the ingredients, making sure everything is fully submerged in the spirit.
    5. Seal the jar tightly and store it in a cool/dark place for 1 month.

    After 1 Month

    1. Remove both halves of the cinnamon stick.
    2. Seal the jar tightly and store for 3 months.

    After 4 Months

    1. Remove the nutmeg and allspice berries by pouring the extract through a strainer or coffee filter. Return the extract and the vanilla beans to the jar.
    2. Seal the jar tightly and store for another 8 months.

    After 12 Months  

    1. Taste test the extract by adding 1–2 drops of extract to 1 tablespoon of milk or milk alternative. If you like the taste, then your extract is now ready for use. If not, continue to store and taste test at 1-month intervals.
    2. When ready to use, either remove the beans or leave them in if preferred, ensuring that they are cut or folded small enough to remain submerged in the alcohol.

    Sweet Dream