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Making vanilla extract is one of the most fun, interactive, memorable and popular activities that you can participate in with small and large groups. Make an extract, and you'll talk about it for years. Our Facebook group (Making Vanilla Extract by VanillaPura) has over 100,000 members that make more than 4 million interactions every year, and growing! 

The recipe is simple: Put vanilla beans in booze and wait. While it sounds easy, great care must be taken in obtaining the right kind and the correct amount of vanilla beans, finding an appropriate bottle and using the accurate type of alcohol. 

This beautiful kit includes 1oz of Madagascar vanilla beans, an 8.5oz glass bottle and a copy of our best-selling book, "The Art of Extract Making" that includes 40 recipes. Once you make this first extract, you make more and more!

The only thing we can't sell you is the alcohol. But our good friends at Reigncain Vodka can and they'll be happy to ship it to you in states where it is allowed. Don't forget to use promo code VANILLAPURA to save 10% on your order. This is one of the very best vodka's to use for extract making.

If shipping alcohol to your location isn't possible, then visit your local liquor store and you will be able to find a great selection of spirits. To help you decide, here are the top-10 vodka recommendations for extract making. 

Looking for a team-building event that is built around extract making?

Email us at about virtual events that we can host, or we can even fly out to you. And when we visit, we bring the extract kits, our best-selling book and the alcohol for the extracts. 

Our 1, 2 or 4-hour presentations focus on the history of vanilla as a metaphor to understanding your own company's products or services and the amazing story behind them. As your teams understand your product, service or business history, you can better tell your own stories in a way that inspires creativity, unity and singular focus on your company's vision and values.

Consider the history of vanilla, as told in our book: Originating in Mexico, used by the Aztecs and brought to Spain by Cortez in 1519. Then, grown unsuccessfully in the Eastern world for 300 years in the absence of natural pollinators until 1841 when an enslaved 12-year-old boy named Edmund Albius on the island of Reunion invented a hand-pollination technique that is still used today. 

We have visited vanilla farms and used Edmund’s techniques in pollinating vanilla orchids to produce vanilla beans. We have met and worked with farmers that make a living cultivating vanilla. We have built an online community of hundreds of thousands of people that use vanilla beans to make extracts that have enriched their culinary creations and their lives. 

Yes, a vanilla bean is just a bean. But like any person, or any great product or business, there is always a story that, when told correctly, is beautiful and inspires us to new levels of greatness. And so it is with extract making. The individuality of each extract that we make awakens in us a sweet sense of self that reflects the genuine, pure, and rich authenticity of who we are. Indeed, vanilla is anything but vanilla. And your business, your products, your stories and your values are anything but ordinary. 

Make vanilla extract part of your corporate team building strategy and watch as you and your teams smile, laugh and enjoy the moment that you all make something absolutely beautiful together. 

Details about the book below:

A first-of-its-kind, featuring a remarkable look into the world's vanilla history and 40 unique and approachable extract recipes for both brand-new and experienced DIY extract makers.

From VanillaPura founders Paul and Jill Fulton comes a delightful collection of scrupulously tested extract recipes designed to pack maximum flavor and sweetness into a variety of baking and cooking applications. Creating high-quality, high-impact extract is so much more than simply putting beans into booze and waiting. In The Art of Extract Making, the Fultons offer a brief overview of the history of vanilla cultivation, the science of extraction, and the intricacies of different vanilla species and spirit varieties so that at-home extract makers can make the best choices about which ingredients will yield the best results for their desired applications.

From an introductory-level “first vanilla extract” recipe, to more complex blends of cocoa, caramel, and coffee, the book covers a vast range of flavors, even delving into surprising combinations like ginger and peach. With simple recipe steps, detailed taste-testing instructions, and clear guidance on vanilla bean origins and alcohol types to use for each recipe, the hardest part will be waiting for the extract to be ready! The Fultons invite readers to make each recipe their own with the extract-making journal pages included at the end of the book so that personalized, perfect sweetness can be recreated time and time again.

Dimensions: 8X10, Hardcover


History & Cultivation of Vanilla

In Depth DIY Extract Methodology

40 Recipes including vanilla, fruit, nut, cacao & more. 

A DIY extract-making journal to organize your DIY extracts. 

183 pages

Nearly 2 years in the making in conjunction with award winning Agate Publishing.