Group Buy - Limited Special - Hawaiian Vanilla Beans - For Vanilla Extract Making & Baking Grade-A

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Bean Family: V. planifolia
Bean Origin: Hawaii
Bean Quality: Grade A (pliable, moist, oily)
Aroma: Sweet, mango, papaya
Extract Taste: Floral, sweet with hints of cocoa. 
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One of the most difficult vanilla beans to obtain without making a trip to Hawaii yourself.  

These vanilla beans are grown along the northern shores of Hawaii and offer one of the most unique vanilla experiences. As with all vanilla beans, the predominant flavor is a sweet and bold vanilla. But the smells and tastes of tropical fruit bring this vanilla to life. A hint of mango, guava, papaya and even a subtle undertone of cocoa. Rich and full of caviar, these Planifolia beans range in length from 15cm to 22cm. Like every vanilla bean at VanillaPura, we sell by the weight to ensure you get the right amount of beans no matter the size. 

When you first open a pouch of Hawaiian vanilla beans, your nose will be met with strong vanilla aroma. The first thing we noticed after the vanilla was the mango and floral scent. Then, as the bean airs out, you pick up the subtle cocoa aroma followed by the tropical fruits. It truly is one of the most unique and rich vanilla experiences that we offer, as you could only expect from the beautiful paradise of Hawaii. 

If you are making extract with this vanilla bean, we would recommend a vodka or a white rum, so the spirit does not distract from the elegance of the bean. This bean will bring your vanilla bean ice cream to life, and it will be a perfect extract for summertime pastries, tarts and fruit-based desserts. It would be a wonderful addition to your holiday baking extracts for pies. Splash a drop or two in your salmon or mahimahi glaze while it's on the grill to add a sweet, tropical taste. It will make a vanilla sugar that is entirely new and can be converted into a powder with many applications. 

All VanillaPura vanilla beans are all shipped vacuum sealed for freshness and should be stored unrefrigerated in a cool, dry and dark place.