Indonesian Vanilla Beans from the Papau region, with woody and smokey tones, provide a rich and deep vanilla flavor. The flavor is perfect for darker chocolates, caramels and other rich recipes. 

Indonesia is located ideally for vanilla cultivation. The primary area of bean production within Indonesia is Bali and South Java. Though, recently vanilla production has spread to Sulawesi, Sumatra (North & South), Lombok and Flores. This expansion has made Indonesia the second largest producer of vanilla beans, just behind Madagascar. 

Indonesian vanilla beans are rich with bold vanilla tones due to the climate, soil conditions and local curing techniques. As a country, Indonesia is made up of thousands of islands spanning 735,000 square miles surrounded by beautiful waters right on the equator. 

When extracted using Vanilla Pura's techniques with aged spirits, Indonesian Vanilla beans are sure to enhance any culinary creation. 

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