A little tart, but very sweet. In fact, it's almost as sweet as the person who shared it with us! Michelle is one of the most helpful and welcoming members of our private Facebook group, Making Vanilla by VanillaPura.

There are so many ways to use pineapple extract throughout the whole year! For the fall and winter months, try adding a little to your holiday ham and or cocktails and punches! Of course, this would also be lovely in a homemade Pineapple Upside Down Cake! 


  • Glass pint jar
  • 1 oz of freeze-dried pineapple or until the jar is about 2/3 of the way full
  • 12 oz of Bacardi Superior or you can use Vodka. (Rum makes the extract sweeter so if you're wanting a more neutral flavor, we recommend vodka.)


  1. Place the 1 oz of pineapple into the jar. (Or until the jar is about 2/3 of the way full.)
  2. Pour in the rum or alcohol of choice
  3. Switch out the fruit when it loses color (about 4-6 weeks.)
  4. The extract is done once it's reached the pineapple flavor you're wanting! (Usually 8 weeks until completion.)



VanillaPura Pro


It’s best to leave this extract in a cool dark place to extract, you don’t need to refrigerate it though.

— VanillaPura Pro

How does this work you leave out or Refrigerator it for the 6 weeks

— Pam

Fresh pineapple in this recipe is not advised due to the dilution caused by the water in the pineapple. If you want to use fresh pineapple you would need to use an alcohol such as Everclear or 195% rum. The fruit to alcohol ratio would be 1:1. Hope this is helpful.
Happy Extracting!

— VanillaPura Pro

Freeze dried pineapple:

Etsy- WinterberryGardens shop

— Nicole Kozma

I wanted to know if you can use frozen pineapple in addition to the freeze dried to enhance the flavor???

How long will it last before it goes rancid?

— Lisa Harper

Hello can I use fresh Pineapple while making this Pineapple Extract?
Has any1 every used Fresh Pineapple b4 in this recipe????

— Pebbles Mortimer

I used freezed dried pineapple and it never smelled like pineapple. I then added fresh pineapple , let it get light in color, twice. I am now pleased with the results.

— McLellan Nancy

I was wondering the same thing about fresh pineapple
What I found when I looked it up was it works, but the bromelian in the fresh pineapple breaks dow glutens (baked goods) and gelatin, so if it’s used for baking and such it’s better to used canned… must be the same for Kiwi then?

— Nancy

I live on an island that boasts about having the sweetest pineapple in the world. 🙂 Can I use fresh pineapple or should I dehydrate first?

— Jacqui

To Lynn Barton: I used Rum, Bacardi Superior. Add a touch of sweetness. You can use Vodka, I prefer Rum.

— Michelle Pojeta

To Dani Smith : I found at Target. Amazon. Hope this helps.

— Michelle Pojeta

To Kim Ross I would steer clear of candied Pineapple, it will have added sugars. You want no added sugars. Only natural sugar. Look at the nutrition facts. Also no oil either. I used Freeze Dried Pineapple or Dehydrated. Hope this helps.

— Michelle Pojeta

Would it be possible to substitute candied pineapple?

— kim ross

Where do you find freeze dried pineapple

— Dani Smith

Where would I find freeze dried pineapple?

— Grace Baker

I absolutely love this group! Such fun recipes and ideas. Can’t wait to try more especially the pineapple!!!

— Cynthia Shone

Thanks for this little recipe. What would your choice of alcohol to make this?

— Lynn Barton

Sounds yummy…trying that soon

— Tana Bishop

This looks absolutely delicious, can’t wait to get started on this one! Thank you for the recipe. Happy Extracting 😊

— Ashira Luiz

Can it be made with Fresh Pineapple?

— Jody Ruhf