The Matara - Gourmet Whole Cloves from Sri Lanka - 4oz (Retail)



VanillaPura is pleased to introduce The Matara. Gourmet Sri Lankan whole cloves for baking and extract making. Due to the dry, brittle nature of this and other spices, they are sealed in pouches but often not vacuum sealed as the sharp edges of some spices can puncture a vacuumed pouch. 

Spice Family Whole, Sri Lankan Cloves. Gourmet. 
Origin: Sri Lanka
Aroma: Sweet, spicy, cinnamon, allspice.
Extract Taste: A super sweet and spicy accent to vanilla extracts and more.
Minimum Order 4oz 
A beautiful spice from a country the boasts some of the world's most unique flavors. Their vanilla beans with cacao undertones are remarkable. Their silver tea is world famous. And this beautiful spice is equally elegant.
Sri Lankan Cloves are a spice derived from the flower bud of a tree called - you guessed it - the clove tree. The tree species is Syzygium aromaticum. The flower buds are harvested before blooming and then dried. They look much like a small spike averaging 1 centimeter in length with a round top. 

The origin of this spice goes back to India and Indonesia. Like all popular spices today, as its notoriety spread, cultivation began to occur in countries all around the world. And, much like coffee beans, vanilla beans, cacao beans and other spices, its origin played a roll in its taste. 

Do the varying origins of this spice contribute to a different taste? Yes, but given the potency of cloves, the difference may be somewhat difficult to notice. Our goal at VanillaPura is to make flavors available to you from regions all around the world so you can experiences the differences yourself. 

We named this Sri Lankan grown clove after the beautiful town of Matara on the Southern Coast of Sri Lanka. The region is within the world's "bean belt" and is known for its tropical climate, rich soils and year-round temperatures conducive to growing this amazing little spice. 

Matara Sri Lanka

(A beautiful picture of a Buddhist temple off the coast of tropical Matara.)

If you have used cloves in the past, you know how pungent they can be. They can be used in ground or used in whole form, but remember that once ground their pungency begins to deteriorate much more quickly. 

If you place a small amount of ground clove on your tongue, you will notice a sweetness at first and then a mouth-drying bitterness and heat, followed by the sweetness of cinnamon and allspice. This particular variety will have a pronounced sweetness over others, but still the familiar taste of cloves that you know and love.

Added to a vanilla extract, this beautiful spice will add a sweet complexity of new flavors reminiscent of the holidays and perfect for pumpkin spice desserts, pies, breads, cakes, pastries and so much more.