Madagascar Ground Vanilla Bean Powder (Retail)

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Bean Family: V. planifolia
Bean Origin: Madagascar
Powder Quality: Ground entire vanilla pod. Zero additives. 100% vanilla.
Aroma: Classic vanilla
Extract Taste: Buttery, creamy and traditional rich vanilla
Extract Substitute. Baking. Garnishes. Creams. Added to sugar.

Today, Madagascar vanilla beans are the most common and the most widely-used in the world. They are popular for their rich and deep vanilla tones, along with a buttery taste. 

VanillaPura's ground vanilla bean powders are 100% vanilla bean with no added sweeteners or fillers. This is not the spray-dried vanilla powder from extract that is heated and includes silica. This is the real-deal ground vanilla bean with nothing but the entire vanilla pod ground  and then passed through a fine sieve to provide you with an easy-to-use fine ground vanilla bean powder. 

Many people like to substitute vanilla powder for vanilla extract in many recipes, when they are looking to add more of the beautiful vanilla speckles to the recipe, or when they are looking to avoid the use of alcohol in their cooking. For best results, many pastry chefs will recommend "blooming" your ground vanilla powder by adding it to a carrier liquid like cream or milk and heating it before use. 

Opening a pouch of Madagascar ground vanilla bean powder is like taking a trip back in time to when you were younger. Its aroma will be familiar to you, like the smell of vanilla cupcakes or reminiscent of the taste of grandma's homemade ice cream. It's that classic vanilla scent that you grew up with and that most cooks and bakers use today. As you bring the open pouch closer to your nose, you will be amazed at the sweetness and the simplicity of its pure profile that has a bold vanilla smell with undertones of butter and perhaps a hint of chocolate, softened with notes of caramel and vanilla spice.

VanillaPura ground vanilla bean powders are all shipped vacuum sealed for freshness and should be stored unrefrigerated in a cool, dry and dark place. 

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I am in love with this powder!! You can sprinkle it everywhere, on so many things!! So versatile. Thank you for offering it. It is phenomenal, tastes heavenly.