Group Buy - The Mixed Medley Vanilla Bean Bag - For Vanilla Extract Making & Baking Grade-A & B - Special Buy


Select # of Beans per Package

Limited Availability. This is a MIXED BAG of Vanilla Beans that comes from surplus vanilla beans sent over several months from multiple origins.

Best Price: $8.99/oz with a 1lb pouch.
Vanilla Grade: May include grade A (pliable/oily) and grade B (dry/brittle/cracked)
Vanilla Species: May include V. pompona, V. planifolia, V. tahitensis, V. cribbiana
Vanilla Origins: May include vanilla beans from Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, India, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Tanzania, Uganda, DR Congo, Reunion, Comoros, Mauritius, Reunion, Tonga, Marquesas, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Uganda & Others. 


This is a "Group Buy" product, which means it has a low price because it is bundled with other orders. Orders that include Group Buy products usually ship in 4-8 weeks.

"Wait a little. Save a lot." 

This is a VERY limited offer that is rarely available. At the end of various production runs, we sometimes have surplus vanilla beans that add up over time. We store these beans in vacuum sealed pouches in a dark place until we accumulate enough to run a production. 

This is essentially a mystery bag at a very low price. The beans are not identified and so your pouch may include 1 bean from multiple countries, multiple species and multiple grades. It's a fun way to experiences many different beans at once for a very low price. 

All of the beans are individually inspected before pouching and all of the beans can be used for vanilla extract making. 

Make an extract like no other with our Mixed Medley Bag! Have fun!!