clubVpura12 - Group Buy Vanilla of the Month - The 4oz Program

$741.95 $1,141.46


Introducing clubVpura12 - the ultimate Group Buy savings club.

Marked Down 20%!

Make a different vanilla extract every month for 12 months!

Buy Now, Pay Later. Learn more about our no credit, no interest payment program by clicking here.

Membership includes includes 12 monthly shipments of 4oz of vanilla beans, more than 12 months of free shipping (starting immediately) on every order and 20% savings on it all! Details about each vanilla bean are in the product images. 

Members of clubVpura are also admitted into our exclusive Facebook Group called clubVpura by VanillaPura, for FREE access to our extract-making workshops with Paul & Jill, author's of the best-selling book, "The Art of Extract Making". 

Here's what you get with the clubVpura12 - 4oz program: (All beans are grade A)

Mo. 4oz Vanilla Beans Group Buy Price
Club Price Price/Oz

Madagascar $49.24
Veracruz $112.55
3 Hawaiian $140.50
Sumatra Indonesia $56.85
Kerema PNG $87.27
Ugandan $56.85
Colorado Ecuadorian $72.06
Lindi Tanzania $106.28
Papua Indonesia $49.24
Rioja Peruvian Pompona $227.96
Popondetta PNG $69.82
Sentani Indonesia $45.44


 Bonus Perk Regular Price Club Price
clubVpura Free Shipping through May 31, 2025 $49.95 $39.96

Total saving: $228.29!!

Since this is a group buy program, your first order will not be shipped for 4-8 weeks, but every following order will ship each month. So if you order in October your first order may not ship until November or December, but you will receive shipments every month after that until all 12 beans have been delivered. 

To our international friends: You can also participate in the monthly shipments but, unfortunately, cannot purchase the free shipping clubVpura membership as international shipping rates are cost prohibitive. Email us after purchase and we will refund the cost of clubVpura free shipping. 

Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to use your clubVpura free shipping promo code on every order you place through May 31, 2025. 

By purchasing you accept these terms:

You may cancel any time for a refund, but the full group buy price for any vanilla beans that have already shipped and the prorated value of clubVpura free shipping based on the number of months remaining at the time of cancellation will be withheld from the refund.