Chef's Edition - Indian Pure Vanilla Extract - 8oz (Retail)


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Pure Indian vanilla extract
Glass bottle includes stainless steel pouring spout
Single fold
Bean Origin: India
Bean Family: V. planifolia
8oz (236mL)
Aroma: Bold, rich, rummy
Taste: Classic bold vanilla with undertones of rum and molasses 
Uses: Chocolates, dark frostings, cakes, caramel desserts, coffee.

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VanillaPura Chef's Edition extracts are made with the finest vanilla beans, pure water and pure alcohol, just as nature intended. Using proprietary extract methods, each extract is slow-aged to maximize the taste by slowing the release of the 300+ flavor compounds from each vanilla bean. The result is a rich extract experience that enhances the taste and aroma of all your culinary creations. 

Unlike our original vanilla extracts, the vanilla beans in this Chef's Edition vanilla extract have been removed, so this sweet, single-fold extract is ready to use immediately. 

All of our extracts are "Pure", which means they contain only 3 ingredients: 35% pure alcohol, purified water and vanilla beans. Nothing else. 

Today, Indian vanilla beans are growing in demand globally. They possess a rummy base that is entirely unique with undertones of molasses that make it a favorite among pastry chef's and chocolatiers.

The aroma of Indian vanilla extract is familiar, like traditional extract, but with an underlying dark sweetness that will peak your interest. As you open the bottle of extract and bring it closer to your nose, you will be able to find the rummy, almost caramel undertones that hint of rich molasses. 

A perfect extract for chocolates, dark frostings, cakes and maybe a drop or two in your morning coffee. 

Every 8oz bottle of VanillaPura extracts comes with this stainless steel, no-mess pouring spout at no additional charge. 

Pouring spout


Enjoy extracts the way the way mother nature intended. Nothing artificial. Just wholesome, natural sweetness in every bottle.