Bonnie vuelve a hacerlo, y esta vez está haciendo extracto de limón, además del extracto de café y el extracto de naranja que ya compartió con nosotros. Puedes ver las publicaciones y el progreso de Bonnie en nuestro grupo privado de Facebook. Cómo hacer extracto de vainilla con VanillaPura .

En las imágenes de Bonnie y en sus propias palabras, así es como ella hace su propio extracto de limón casero:

Simplemente toma las cáscaras de 11 limones. Utilice un pelador de verduras para quitar la cáscara y obtener un corte más limpio.

Utilizo un frasco de vidrio con boca ancha para un fácil acceso que también me permite usar un peso de vidrio (en la foto de abajo) para presionar las cáscaras de limón hacia abajo y mantenerlas sumergidas en el alcohol.

Una vez listas las cáscaras las coloco en el tarro con el peso de cristal encima. Luego agrego 8 onzas de Blue Steel Vodka.

Deje las cáscaras de limón en el vodka durante un mes, luego retírelas del frasco y viértalas en un frasco más decorativo para uso diario.

¡Eso es todo!

extracto de limon

extracto de limon

peso del frasco

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How long does it take to make?

— Joyce Sears

I just started my first jar of lemon extract. Love lemons so much. I cut in wedges and eat them. Lol. I make a lot of lemon desserts, so I always juice any peeled lemons and pour them into ice cube trays to freeze, then pop them into a freezer bag. Always handy when needed. Thanks for this recipe. Would never have thought of making my own extract.

— Linda Wasko

No matter how hard I try, my lemon peels still have a wee bit of white on the inside. Is this alright, or do I have to try and scrape more of it off the peel?


When making lemon extract, is it necessary to take lemon zest out of bottle before using? What will it hurt to leave it in? First time making it! 😳

— Debbie

Great recipes Bonnie, thank you!
I have two questions.
1 should I be careful not to get the white plinth with the peel? I think it is bitter?

2 what do you guess the shelf life would be of the strained extract? As it is in alcohol perhaps forecer?

— Pat

You can freeze whole lemons that you used for zesting. Freeze up to 3 months.

— J. Ann Hardman

I fill my mason jars to just under the rim so no weights needed and when I shake I prefer the rinds/zest to swim freely to get all the goodness I can

— Michelle

After my lemon extract was done. I strained then dehydrated the peels then added with turmeric peppercorns in blender and grind until a jive fine or course powder for lemon turmeric pepper! Absolutely Devine and with added benefits

— Michelle

Has anyone tried drying and powdering the rinds after removal from the alcohol?

— Debbie White

Mine still has a strong alcohol smell, & it’s been a little over a month.
I’m wondering if I should change the peels out & wait another month?
Target has weights – I bought 2 different sizes online.

— Pat

People in the group have said they’ve gotten the glass weights through Amazon.

— Carol

Would love to know where you found the glass weight.

— Monique

Hi Jody and Abbe! We don’t specifically have a recipe to use with the leftover rinds, but we know many individuals who make sugar with leftover rinds. We have seen orange sugar and even strawberry sugar! I think lemon sugar could be fun to use in all lemon-type treats!

— VanillaPura

Hi do you have a recipe for the lemon rinds after you’ve
finished extracting? Thank you.

— Abbe Leavitt

What do you do with the lemons after you peeled them. I would hate to throw them away.

— Jody Ruhf

I’m very interested in finding that glass weight. You are an inspiration!

— Karen Lonaberger

Is there a special cleaning process of the fruit before zesting?

— Glenn Kiss

Where do you buy the glass weights and do you remember about what they cost?

— Grace Baker

Do you candy the rinds, or do you have to leave them in the liquid?

— Judy

Thank you for the recipe! I have my 1st batch going. Where can I find a glass weight? Thanks again!

— Judy