Our extract pro, Bonnie is at it again. This time she has created a coffee extract that is a must-try for any coffee lover. You can see Bonnie's posts and progress in our private Facebook group, Making Vanilla Extract by VanillaPura

In Bonnie's words and with her pictures:

I use 2 cups of whole coffee beans cracked with a mortar and pestle, as pictured below. 

I placed the cracked coffee beans in mason jar and added 16 ounces of Blue Steel Vodka let it sit for 1 month. I did not change out the beans at all. 

After 1 month I strained the extract to remove the beans. It smells and tastes just like coffee! 

Then, let the beans dry, grind them and you have great coffee grounds. 

Coffee extract

Coffee extract

Coffee extract


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Thank you for the information. I would love to have a copy of your book.

— ROSALIND Williams

Great idea gonna be doing this with cinamon too

— Deborah Saya

This sounds awesome. I’m going to try this, while I’m waiting for my vanilla beans. Thanks😊

— Christine Schmidt

I only used 1 cup beans to 8oz of kirkland’s 40% vodka. Used burr grinder to make a rough bean cut. Thinking of using it making a mocha icecream or for baking. Thank you for this recipe

— Penny Walchli

Will you offer suggestions how to use coffee extract?

— Gereda Julie

Can’t wait to try it. I always grind my own coffee. Are there any particular beans that are better suited for this?
Thank you!

— Karen Douglass

Thanks for sharing this amazing recipe for making coffee extract!

— Janet G Arthur

Sounds wonderful. I will have to try it soon. Just happen to have a bag of coffee handy. Thanks.

— Susan Murphy