Special Buy! Group Buy - The Kisoro Ugandan Vanilla Beans - For Vanilla Extract Making & Baking (Grade-A)

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Pre-Order our Special Group Buy Ugandan vanilla now at a discount. Group buy orders are bundled with other customer orders for savings. 

Estimated ship date: 4-8 weeks from order placement. 

"Wait a little. Save a lot!" 

This special buy closes Sunday, May 19th.

Best Price: $6.95/oz with 1kg pouch
Bean Family: V. planifolia
Bean Origin: Ugandan
Bean Quality: Grade A (pliable, moist, oily)
Aroma: Earthy subtile vanilla with figs and raisins
Extract Taste: Bold vanilla, subtle hints of raisins
Best Spirits: Visit our spirit pairing guide for Ugandan vanilla beans.


We sometimes offer one-time low prices on products in limited quantity. When we do, we offer them as "special buys". Special buy offers have their own name to help us distinguish and separate inventory. While no two vanilla beans are the same, this "Kisoro" bean was grown in the same region as our regular Ugandan bean but is offered today at a lower price and with limited availability. If it’s available, buy it quickly as it will sell out.

We named this special buy after the city of Kisoro in Uganda. It's a great opportunity to try Ugandan vanilla beans at a low price, if you haven't already tried them.  

Opening a pouch of Ugandan vanilla beans for the first time is a memorable experience. Your nose will be met with a familiar vanilla smell, but with hints of raisins or figs. As you remove one of these plump vanilla beans from the pouch, you will be intrigued by its soft texture and its plump appearance. As you smell the individual bean, the fruity base will become more pronounced, evoking thoughts of cinnamon rolls, banana breads, orange rolls and other fruit-based baking applications that are perfect for this vanilla bean.

The soil and climate of Uganda provide an environment that results in a bold and earthy vanilla bean taste with hints of figs and raisins, accentuated only by the vanilla bean's natural rich and buttery softer vanilla notes. Ugandan vanilla beans typically contain a higher-than-average vanillin content. This makes them perfect for vanilla extracts along with darker chocolate, sweet breads, fruit-based desserts or strong vanilla desserts. 

We sell by the ounce within our group buy, not by the bean, to ensure that you get the same amount every time no matter the bean size of any particular harvest. 

Ugandan vanilla beans are a favorite in baking and DIY extract making with a fruit sensation that enhances your favorite tarts, pies, custards and creams.  

VanillaPura vanilla beans are all shipped vacuum sealed for freshness and should be stored unrefrigerated in a cool, dry and dark place. 


Customer Reviews

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The beans look great!!


Great Quality.

Barb Groeger
Deep and rich flavor

These beans will bring delight to whatever spirit you chose to use for extracting. They have become my favorite beans to work with. My favorite combination is with Coconut Rum. Their flavor is rich with deep vanilla essence. I use them split and cut so they remain submerged in the spirit. Do give them a try!


Excellent beans!

Susan Murphy
Great smell

I finally am getting around to getting these beans in alcohol. I got 2 oz. I put 1 oz in E&J VS Brandy. The other 1 oz went into Capt. Morgan White Rum.
/the beans smelled so good. They were plump and soft. Easy to fold into pretzels to go in jar. I did cut a few to let the caviar out.
You never disappoint me with the Beans. Always soft and beautiful and the smell is worth the wait. I put 1 cup of raw cane sugar in bag. Thank you