This recipe was provided by Keith, D. a very talented extract pro whose taste in vanilla is exquisite and whose creativity has helped many of us create new versions of vanilla extract never previously considered. In Keith's own words:
20 Organic Oranges (I prefer Cara Cara)
  1 oz Madagascar Vanilla Beans
  3 cups Grey Goose Vodka (+ a little to top off if
I start with organic citrus and a citrus peeler to score the peels into eight sections, then I peel the peels off carefully, next I use a sharp filet knife to carefully slice off the pith to maximize the amount of citrus oil is left, then I roll the peel and squeeze it in the jar to release some of the citrus oil (it helps give the extraction a jump start) filling the jar completely to the shoulder or so of the jar (packing in the peels), and finally top everything off with Grey Goose vodka. 🤗❤
The Madagascar beans I pierce 5 times with a paring knife completely through. They can be added when you start this extract or you can wait till the orange taste is to your liking and then strain the zest and add the Madagascar beans and extract up to 6 months or until your desired taste. 
I've let mine go for 6 months for the oranges, left the rinds in and added the beans and let it go for 6 more months, strained the peels and then put the extract into a clean jar and gently tie the beans and add them back to the extract. Extract for an additional 6 months to a year.
VanillaPura Vanilla Pro


Hi Kathy! Thank you for your questions! You can either pull the orange peels out after 6 months or you can leave them to extract for up to 12 months, depending on how strong an orange flavor you are after. It’s a good idea to do a taste test after 6 months and see how you like it!

Please can you let us know which xmas spice extract you are making and we will hopefully be able to advise on this one too.

— VanillaPura Pro

I really want to make this. But need to know if I need to pull out orange peels after a certain length of time..I just made your Xmas spice. Do I leave the orange peels in after 6 weeks?or do I change them out

— Kathy Patterson

Do you use the actual oranges in the jar

— Greg little

What kinda stuff do you use this one in? I’m anxious to start this one!😁 Time to make another order😳

— Debbie Thomas

This sounds heavenly! Do the vanilla beans take on any of the orange taste?

— Judy Tabor Bradley