This sweet recipe was designed by one of our kind group members and vanilla extract-making pros, Donna E. She combines a smokey Indonesian bean with a fruity Ugandan bean to make a bold vanilla blended extract.

In Donna's words:


The one I am in love with is my double fold of Indonesian and Ugandan in 8 ounces of vodka. (1 ounce of each bean)


I have them in an 8.5 ounce container and I split the Ugandan beans and left the Indonesian whole so I could tell them apart.  I started on December 5th and it is already a dark color (on 2/18/21) and smells like caramel.  


I think I will test it after 6 months with some cream just so I can document it’s progress.  The lightest bottle on the right is the one.  You can see how dark it is after just two months.  I must admit I smell this almost daily. Thank you for asking me.  Donna

The Donna

The Donna

VanillaPura Vanilla Pro


Debra I bought my beans from VanillaPura’s website under the co op section.

— Donna

I used Tito’s because I had that in my cabinet. You could use any vodka you like.

— Donna

I tried this today but I blended the beans in a Ninja to break the beans down faster with some Smirnoff. Will see what happens.

— L D

What vodka did you use and how much. I would like to make this for my friend Donna.
Thank you

— Lisa Carlson

Where do I go to order your vanilla?

— Debra E Stough

I am going to try this too! Thanks!

— Cheryl Norton