Ramona was one of our first members (perhaps the first member) of our vanilla extract making group. She regularly responded to new members that had questions about how many beans they needed, the best type of alcohol and more. Seldom did Ramona make a recommendation without encouraging the use of Buffalo Trace Bourbon. 


Here is Ramona's recipe in her own words:


My very favorite recipe used 2.5 ounces of Madagascar vanilla beans in 20 ounces of Buffalo Trace Bourbon. I.made it in the Bourbon bottle and let it sit for about.9 months before I decided to try it.  It tastes better the longer it sits. It has some smoky undertones that give it a distinct flavor that leaves everyone wanting to know what special ingredient I add to my baked goods. 


I bought Buffalo Trace- had to buy it in tiny bottles but got 12 of them.. 3 ounces of Ugandan beans in 3 cups of the BT. I will check in 2 years.

— Louise

Susan, you and Ramona have convinced me to find some Buffalo Trace bourbon. I do have to wonder though what is a protein brush? Happy extracting!

— Sharron Hutchins

I am wanting to try Woodford Reserve and madagascar beans. I have read I need to use mexican beans, have you tried that mixture or what would you suggest? I have never made my own vanilla extract before and have a bottle of woodford that will not be drank so would like to find a use. Most of what I use the vanilla for would be for baking.
Thank you.

— Jessica Wheeler

Thank you for your recipe. I have puts some beans in Buffalo Trace as well. Love the taste of that Bourbon. It is a little hard to get where I live but when I can I use it. Hope to use it for a protein brush in the fall. Really enjoyed all the recipes and the show.

— Susan Murphy