Therese was one of our very first vanilla extract making pros. She has graciously been available to thousands of new extract makers to provide guidance and mentor those that are just learning the craft in our private Facebook group. We are happy to share her recipe and her pictures here with you:

When I 1st started back in September 2020 I started with the Madagascar vanilla beans and grey goose vodka. I am attaching some pictures of the process that I had but I started with 2 and a 1/2 ounces approximately 13 beans which I sliced and took some caviar out of 2 of them. I've used approximately 16 oz of grey goose vodka And submerge them in the bottle enclosed. 

I have only used at this point the Madagascar vanilla in 3 of my baked goods and one in the jam. I can imagine how great the vanilla is going to taste in one year September 2021. I will next be trying to Tahitian beans with Kettle One.
Vanilla beans on arrival
Measuring spirits
Inserting beans
Label Front
Label back
VanillaPura Vanilla Pro


Therese, I like your recipe. I just know it will be great when you try it. Thank you and I am really starting to like the bottles you are all using.

— Susan Murphy

Beautiful!! Love your label❤️
I did this recipe in 2018 and it really makes awesome extract. I was unaware you should keep your (unused) beans submerged in alcohol and so I kept them in an air tight container. This past December I used my last bean…it was a bit dry but still made delicious custard and I finally used my vanilla extract. Clear difference between it and even “good quality” store bought vanilla.
I happened upon this group when I was trying to find somewhere to buy good quality beans and I am so glad I did. Anxious to hear how your extract turns out in September 2021…best wishes!! 💓

— Rebecca Smith