Our Starlette is at it again! Starlette is the definition of of vanilla bean sweetness. She was one of the first members for our private vanilla extract making group on Facebook (click here to join) and she embodies what the group is all about. Kindness to everyone, helpful to all and never without a smile. Earlier this month, Starlette shared various different peach extracts she has had brewing. This spicy peach one really caught our eye. We are so excited to share her recipe in her own words and pictures!




  1. Place contents in a glass jar with an air-tight lid. Pour enough rum to cover the peaches and beans.
  2. Change out the dehydrated white peaches every 4 weeks with new ones.


You change the peaches out every 4 weeks, I am goin to assume by the way the other fruit ones I have read on here, I am gonna check mine at 8 weeks, and start looking for the peachy taste I want in an extract. then cause I love these so much, I may make a second jar at the same time, and leave the first one off at the spot I like but continue on with the second char and make some double strength ones for my granddaughter who is a bar tender and she likes to try new things!!

— Cathy Smith

It does not say how long or how many times to continue to change out the peaches.

— Lorna Schripsema

How often do you change out the peaches? Thanks

— Marita Stanford

How many times do you change the peaches out?

— Marita Stanford

How long does the extract take?

— Bertha Lear

How long do this take to process?

— Harris Nicole