Coffee and chocolate are such a delectable pairing. When done correctly, this combination can make the chocolate taste richer and the coffee feel like drops of sweet silk in your mouth. Earlier this week, Rochelle from our Facebook group, Making Vanilla Extract by VanillaPura shared this recipe and we are so excited to share it in her own words and pictures. We cannot wait to add a few drops of this to our morning coffee and other various desserts.


  • 3/4 cup Cocoa nibs
  • 3/4 cup  whole (regular strength) coffee beans (you can crush up a little)
  • Rain vodka  (80 proof)
  • Pint sized glass mason jar with an airtight lid


  1. Place the cocoa nibs in jar of your choice I used a pint mason jar.
  2. Then pour coffee beans on top.
  3. Cover with vodka up to the rim of the jar.
  4. Place lid on and give a good shake to mix well.
  5. Store in a cool dark place for 2-3 months ( test to make sure it's ready), shaking at least once a week if possible.
  6. Change out Cocoa nibs and coffee beans at least once.
  7. You may have to add a little more vodka if your coffee beans soak it up and let it set a bit longer. 
VanillaPura Pro


What are coconut nibs and where do you get them or do you make them? My mom would have loved this. She loved coffee anything. Thank you

— Sandy Oneill

For taste-testing extracts, we recommend using a tablespoon of milk or whipped cream with a few drops of the extract. Mix it up and take a sip. If you like how it tastes, you’re good to go. If not, it may need more time to extract.

— VanillaPura Pro

I like to be prepared. The recipe says test for doneness but doesn’t share how. What is the best base to test? Would it be the same as for vanilla extract? I’m going to make it while I search for my answer.

— Peg Yoder

For the coffee extract do you crush up the beans first or leave them whole then pour your alcohol in and let sit

— Denise Mcmillen

I would like to make this recipe. Wondering where to get chocolate nibs, and does the brand of vodka make much difference.

— Rose Barton

Does the brand of vodka matter?

— Valerie Danna

I’m making a homemade khalua and it uses these ingredients and more. When the khalua is done, can I make a “mother jar” from the khalua ingredients (coffee beans, cinnamon, vanilla beans, cocoa nibs) or will it need to be a whole new jar with new ingredients?

— Hannah

Where do I get cocoa nibs?

— June Olberding

Where can I buy chocolate nibs and coffee beans appropriate for this recipe?

— Kathy Dale

You are exactly right!

Happy extracting!

— VanillaPura

By, “Change out Cocoa nibs and coffee beans at least once.” do you mean discard what’s in there and add 3/4 C each of fresh coffee beans and cocoa nibs?


Hello, Anne!
We haven’t tried that, but you certainly can! Let us know how it turns out! :)

— VanillaPura

I want to make this recipe so I’m assuming decaf coffee beans would work, as well?

— Anne McCoy

Man. I wish I had this recipe 2 months ago

— Sandra Perry