Experience the best of both worlds with this rich and creamy extract! For this recipe we will be using our Papau Indonesian beans that are full of chocolatey notes. Enjoy!



  1. Add the cacao nibs to the jar or bottle and pour your alcohol of choice over. 
  2. Slice and or cut up the two vanilla beans and add to the jar. 
  3. Shake contents and store in a cool, dark place. 
  4. Shake daily for the first two weeks, the shake at least once a week for the next month. 
  5. Extraction time is at least 3 months depending on your taste, but can take up to six months to complete remove alcohol taste. The longer it sits, the better it gets!
VanillaPura Pro


I dry out vanilla beans, coffee beans and cacao nibs and grind all in sugar ans store to use for recipes.. sooooo delicious!

— Colleen Ramsey

Hi Joanna,

You would substitute the same amount (2 beans) listed in the recipe above. Happy baking and extract making!:)

— VanillaPura Pro

If I’m using Madagascar beans instead, how many should I use?

— Joanna Rohde-Morse

Do you dry out the cocoa nibs and grind them into sugar also or do you just discard them. Want to try making chocolate extract and coffee extract. Do you know if anyone has ground the used coffee beans and added them to sugar for a coffee flavored sugar.?

— Charlotte Mrozowski

This is absolutely fantastic! What is your best recipe using the chocolate vanilla extract? I would love some new ideas! Thank you for sharing this great extract!!

— Kirsten

I understand that with store-bought pure vanilla extracts, you cannot taste them in oven-baked goodies such as chocolate chip cookies. The heat from the oven masks their flavor. However, the heat does not diminish the taste of imitation vanilla extracts. Will homemade vanilla suffer the same fate as store-bought vanilla extracts when it comes to baking? If so, is there something that can be done to salvage their flavor?

— Nanetta Roberson