We are starting to think of the cooling days of autumn, and maple flavoring is the ultimate fall flavor! Add it to your french toast, pancakes, cinnamon rolls, pumpkin bread, and bread pudding. 

Extract time: 3-6 Months

Use a16oz jar 


-1/4 cup fenugreek seeds to start

-12-14 oz vodka or white rum



1. Warm fenugreek seeds on very low heat

just until you can begin to smell them. Do

not burn, they will get bitter.

2. Remove from heat and add the seeds to a 16oz jar.

3. Pour the alcohol into the jar. As the seeds absorb the alcohol, add a bit more to


4. Shake periodically and store in a cool place.

5. Strain after 4 weeks and repeat the process until you get the maple taste you desire.


Thank you Starlette, for sharing your recipe, and introducing us to fenugreek seeds!:)



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Sorry you’re having trouble finding fenugreek seeds Jean. If your local grocery store doesn’t stock them, it looks like some Walmart and Target stores have them. Or you could try Amazon too.

— VanillaPura Pro

Yes you can definitely top up the rum when you change out the seeds Brenda.

— VanillaPura Pro

When you change out the seeds do you add more rum the seeds seem to have soaked up a lot of the rom

— Brenda Schobel

No idea how to find fenugreek seeds

— Jean Feingold