JoAnn is one of the wonderful members of our private Facebook group, Making Vanilla Extract by VanillaPura (click here link to join!)
 Earlier last week, she shared her recipe for Peach Extract. You can use peach extract to add the natural taste of peaches to ice cream, smoothies custards, and trifles. You can also make a refreshing and fruity Peach Iced Tea or use it in sauces for chicken, seafood and pork. We are so excited to share her recipe in her own words and pictures. 


  • 3 fresh peaches cut into small pieces
  • 2 cups of ever clear ( make sure peaches are covered)


  1. Place the ingredients in a glass jar with a lid.
  2. Keep in a cool dark place
  3. Check every week to check color of peaches, change peaches out when color fades from their bright natural color to a darker color. I changed out on the 21st day. I will change out one more time and see how the extract smells and taste. If needed will do another change out.





VanillaPura Pro
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Hi Lesha, you can certainly de-hydrate whole peaches to make this extract but use a spirit of 35-50%abv (70-100 proof) rather than Everclear. Unfortunately just using the peels would not make for a great extract.

— VanillaPura pro

Can I dehydrate peach peels to make the extract?

— Lesha P

This extract takes 6-9 weeks depending on how many change outs you feel it needs. I’d recommend tasting after each change out, it’s ready when you think it is!

— VanillaPura Pro

How many days all together (including change-pouts does it take?

— Sharon Monroe

I just purchased peach says it is super strength …4x stronger than standard flavor. How much should I use in a batch of peach jam before making it.?

— Arlene J Webb

Should I also put the peach pit in there as well?

— Sandy

Should the peaches be peeled or unpeeled? Pictures on post show both.

— Elizabeth

by using vodka it may dilute the extract do to the moisture in the peaches. you can try it and see.

— JoAnn Fedele Moore

I just froze all my peaches. They have been dunked in lemon juice prior to freezing. Will I be able to use them for this?

— Marcia
Can I use vodka instead of everclear? Everclear is not available in my state.
— Darlene Holland Ferraro