Chocolate extract doesn’t just make your baked goods taste like chocolate. It can actually make your recipes taste like all the flavors that the cacao *had* (past tense!) before being processed into chocolate or cocoa powder. The depth of flavor that you get with the addition of chocolate extract is splendid. One of our lovely group members in our private Facebook group, Making Vanilla Extract by VanillaPura named Denise, posted this week her chocolate extract. We are so excited to share it in her own words. 


  • 1 cup Navitas organic cacao nibs
  • 8 oz. Bacardi white rum
All the two ingredients to a bottle and shake.
The extracting duration is 3 months. Enjoy!
VanillaPura Pro
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8oz to 8oz ratio…. Crush about 2oz and then put all in Jar with 80proof alcohol.
Place in dark place and shake one a week. 3 months, strain nibs out and replace with 8oz on new ones.. don’t forget to crush 2oz, first. Place back on shelf and shake once a week for 3 more months.. Taste if chocolatey enough then strain and use as an extract in a recipe. If not, start the process again for another 3mos or until you get the desired taste you are looking for…

— Gena

Where can I find the answers to all these questions about Denise’s chocolate extract? Please help. Roast? Change out?

— Karen Thom

A few questions…Does this need to be shaken every week or month? Does it need to be in a dark area? What will the end product look like, should all the nibs be dissolved? How much do you use at a time, Cake? Cookies? etc….. TY Lori

— Lori L

I made this but it had a scum on the top is this common?

— Yvonee Grimmer

Where can I find the answers to these questions that everyone posted?

— Jody Ruhf

Wanted to give this a try. Can someone tell me how to prepare nibs. If you did different ways, what ones worked? Love this idea!

— Shannon Peek

I’m making this today with a mixture of vodka and Everclear. It should be ready at Christmas!

— Rebecca Collis

So, 1 cup of each?
8 Oz is the same as a cup.

— Pat

Hi, I made this extract a couple of weeks ago using the brands you recomend. It is starting to smell heavenly and I cant wait to try it, but . . . Do you use just the liquid in a recipe or the nibs themselves.

— Bev W

Could you give how how the nibs are prepared for extract? I’m a newbie just starting out

— Dawn Robinson

Where do we find the answers to these questions??? Please answer.

— Jenel George

Can you make it without alcohol??

— Tom

Should I roast the nibs first?

— David M Thomas

Love the article by Denise. One month ago I made up a jar of organic cacao nibs with vodka. Today I added two cinnamon sticks to the jar. Hoping the finished extract will taste like Mexican chocolate that I will add to my coffee.

— Ann & Jim Louden

What preparation do the nibs need? This doesn’t say whether the husks are removed, or how to do that. Should the nibs be roasted (what temperature and for how long) or put in raw? Lastly, should the nibs be chopped or broken up? Which will give better results chopping or leaving whole?

— Linda vanSteinvoorn

will this become cloudy or will it stay clear as mine is a little cloudy

— Penny L McManigle

I just started 2 small bottles. One with black rum & the other with vodka. I can’t wait to see how these turn out!

— Carol

David I’m going to try a small batch with spiced rum. I have about 1/2 cup so thought I would give it a whirl. I’m trying to make so many different kinds of extracts and see which ones are hits and misses.


Will spiced rum work?

— David Thomas

all I have is spiced rum will that work

— David M Thomas

All I have is spiced rum with that work?

— David M Thomas