Another great extract recipe from another amazing vanilla extract pro, Bonnie. She does wonders with oranges and lemons, and this is her acclaimed orange sugar recipe. You can see Bonnie's posts and progress in our private Facebook group, Making Vanilla Extract by VanillaPura

Here are the instructions in Bonnie's words:

When my orange extract was complete I used the peels to make orange sugar with a vanilla bean added. 
I drained off the extract and added 8 cups of sugar in a baking pan with my used orange rinds to dry. When it was almost dry I put in the oven at 170F. Stirring every 10 to 50 minutes.  When dry I let it cool completely.  It sat over night. The next morning I removed the peels and some sugar from the pan and placed in a blender to grind up the peels.  Added them back into the sugar and added 2 more cups of sugar and a vanilla bean. It has an excellent flavor and smell!   Orange sugar with a hint of vanilla 😋 



Orange Sugar


Orange sugar

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Is there anything I can make with used vanilla beans that I have drained off the liquid from 2 different batches of vanilla

— Judy Drake

I am new to this site. What are you using the vanilla extract for? And also the flavored sugars?

— Tammy

Fantastic way to use citrus rinds – ice tea here I come.

— Cynthia

I’m new. What would you use the orange vanilla sugar in? I assume it’s to bake with but I’m just learning all of this.

— Pam

I have some orange extract brewing. Now I have a great idea for the peels😊

— tina

Thanks for sharing this recipe to make orange sugar

— Janet G Arthur

Thank you so much for this recipe. I am new to the site and also the flavored sugar making. This is so amazing and nothing going to waste. I have vanilla, lemon and orange extracts brewing now and am ready to make mocha.
God Bless

— Colleen Ramsey

I can see I am going to have to add more cupboards for all the new hobbies. Lol. Thank you so much for this recipe.

— Susan Murphy

Such a wonderful way to utilize the peel. Very creative!

— Duane