Our extract-making pro Starlette created this extract for a cousin with sever cinnamon allergies. We are proud to share the recipe here in Starlette's words:

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I created my Autumn Spice Extract specifically for my cousin because she has a severe allergy to Cinnamon.  Seems every year she misses out on some fantastic recipes so with her in mind, I mixed and I mingled and came up with a great extract that she uses in place of cinnamon.  I used Dried fruits for flavor and it surely does the trick.

[contains no cinnamon]
I use a quart jar because I always want more, yum yum!

What I did to get this yummy flavor:
1/2 Cup Dehydrated Apples pieces.
1 Teaspoon Whole Cloves
1 Tablespoon Allspice Berries
1-2 Whole Nutmegs or Mace or both
1 Small Ginger Root, peeled
4 Dried Orange Slices, peel & pith removed
1/2 Cup Dried Cranberries (optional]
1/2 oz Vanilla Beans, tied in knots [I use Tahitians for the fruity undertones]
16 ounces Alcohol

This recipe is for 16 ounces of alcohol. I used Vodka [8 oz] and Dark Rum [8 oz], but you can use any kind of alcohol.

Add all ingredients to your jar, give it a mingling shake, and let it sit [shake frequently]. Remove apples after 1 month and add new apples, cut and split your vanilla beans. This is when I added the dried orange slices and cut my beans.

Extract time: 6-9 Months, or until it reaches the flavor you want. I let it steep long so the vanilla beans extract. I taste for flavor with a tablespoon of milk and a pinch of sugar.

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The recipe sounds wonderful. I dehydrated some organic tangerines I might try that as they are yummy.

— Linda Galloway

How would you use this? In place of dried spices?

— Stephanie

I’m at the one foot in the air person I want to do this so bad and found this group now some recipes. I want to get at least one foot wet. How long does it take to get beans to Canada I’m near Detroit/ Windsor it’s easier for you to find. I don’t need to be posted just an answer. Thanks you guys are so great.

— Lena Whelan