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      VP University Extract Making Classes

      VP University is designed to create small groups with a LOT of interaction and they are hosted by Paul & Jill, the owners of VanillaPura. Class sizes are a maximum of 30 people and are held via Google Meet so we can talk with you and see your extracts and answer your questions directly. Plus, registration includes product discounts of 30% or more.
      A group of friends can reserve a class with a minimum of 7 participants and a "party" option is also available with a maximum of 10 participants. Most classes are on weekdays during business hours, but weekend and evening parties are available. 
      Of course, we'll make an extract together during class and we will provide you with special discounts to purchase supplies, or you can bring your own supplies. We will discuss tips and tricks to make sure your extracts turn out great. We'll explore vanilla bean species, origins, spirit pairings and extract applications to help you become an extract-making expert. 
      Various classes will include instructions to make specialty extracts with cacao, cinnamon, fresh fruit and dried fruit. We'll discuss spirit brands to help you select the right kind of bourbons, vodkas, rums, cognacs, and tequilas to pair with the best tasting vanilla bean for each spirit. If you have extracts already in process, bring them to the class so we can see them and answer any questions about the extracts you have already made.

      We look forward to seeing you in class!