Free VanillaPura e-Gift Cards For Bundle Kit Orders Only


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These gift cards are FREE on orders that include VanillaPura Bundle Kits. However, the appropriate gift card must be added to the order BY YOU when you purchase the bundle.

Add the appropriate gift card to your order based on the size of the bundle that you are purchasing, (1oz, 2oz or 4oz), and the price of the gift card will be changed to $0.00 automatically at checkout. 

e-Gift cards are emailed immediately after purchase and can be used as soon as they are received. 


***This promotion cannot be combined with any other promotion***

The best part: The gift card will be emailed to you IMMEDIATELY so you won't need to wait for your order to be delivered before receiving the gift card. It's instant, gift card gratification!

Here is how the gift card will look when it is delivered to your email inbox (the value will be $10.00, $25.00 or $60):

VanillaPura gift card image

When you click the "View gift card" button, this is what you will see, but with your own original gift card number and QR code:

Opened gift card image


The gift card can be used at any time once it has been purchased. Simply enter the gift card number at checkout for the value of the gift card to be applied to the order. 

It's that easy! Get a FREE gift card today!!