Special Buy! Group Buy The Beliatta - Ceylon Cinnamon Gourmet from Sri Lanka - Ships in 4-8 Weeks - See Description

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VanillaPura is pleased to introduce our first "non-vanilla" Special Buy spice, as requested by many of our customers for use in extract-making. Ceylon Cinnamon is delightful. Due to the dry, brittle nature of this and other spices, they are sealed in pouches but not vacuum sealed, as the sharp edges of the spice can puncture a vacuumed pouch. 

We named this special buy The Beliatta after the beautiful Southern town of Sri Lanka.

Best Price: $2.84/oz when you buy a 1lb pouch
Cinnamon Family: Cinnamomum Vera (True Cinnamon/Ceylon)
Cinnamon Origin: Sri Lanka
Aroma: Sweet, soft, floral and fruity
Extract Taste: Cinnamon with soft undertones of tropical fruit & spice
Size 3-9 sticks/oz. Each stick is 3-5 inches long on average. 
Minimum Order 4oz ($2.99/oz) 
We are sometimes able to offer one-time low prices on products in limited quantity. When we do, we offer them as "special buys". Special buy offers have their own name to help us distinguish and separate inventory. While no two cinnamon sticks are the same, this "Beliatta" ceylon cinnamon is sourced from the same region as our "Kandy" ceylon cinnamon but is offered today at a lower price and with limited availability. If it’s available, buy it quickly as it will sell out.
This is a "Group Buy" product, which means it has a low price because it is bundled with other orders. Orders that include Group Buy products usually ship in 4-8 weeks.
"Wait a little. Save a lot." 

Ceylon cinnamon is one of the world's most sought-after spices, given its delicate nature and its sweet aroma and taste. It is only grown in Sri Lanka where the farmers take great pride in the process of peeling the quells from the cinnamon tree bark and hand rolling them into the beautiful cinnamon sticks you will receive. Much like the sweet vanilla beans harvested in Sri Lanka, Ceylon Cinnamon captures the climate and the nutrient-rich soil of its birth place.   

Sri Lanka Map

When you open a pouch of Ceylon Cinnamon sticks, you will notice that the smell is not overwhelming or powerful at first. The natural drying process of the quells locks the sweetness inside. As you visually observe the cinnamon stick, you will see that it is not hollow like other types of cinnamon (such as Cassia cinnamon) and it is easier to break demonstrating how delicate each quell is. 

When you break or grind the quells, the wonderful cinnamon aroma is released...and wow, is it wonderful. Dropping the cinnamon stick into an alcohol base for at-home extract-making also releases the beautiful, natural aroma as well. You will immediately notice why Ceylon Cinnamon is in such high demand, as it is nature's perfect blend of spicy sweetness with fruity and floral undertones.

While Cylon Cinnamon is esteemed greatly for its sweet cinnamon extract taste, it is also used in hot teas, holiday wassails, coffee, hot chocolate and horchatas among many others. It is also ground for its powder that is sprinkled on top of frostings, pies, drinks and other desserts.