Group Buy - The Mixed Marquee - Vanilla Bean Assortment For Vanilla Extract Making & Baking - Special Buy


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Celebrating 7 Years of Sweetness in May 2024!!

Pre-Order our first-ever Mixed Marquee vanilla blend that includes a variety of the very first vanilla beans ever offered by VanillaPura. This blend celebrates seven years of sweetness with some of our favorite flavors from at least 6 different origins and 3 different species of vanilla. 

Estimated ship date: 4-8 weeks from order placement. 

"Wait a little. Save a lot!" 

Best Price: $11.99/oz with a 1kg pouch.
Vanilla Grade: Grade A (pliable/oily), Grade B (dry/brittle/cracked) 
Vanilla Species: Includes V. pompona, V. planifolia, V. tahitensis
Vanilla Origins: Includes vanilla from Tonga, Mexico, Indonesia, Hawaii, Madagascar & Uganda. 

This is a blended bag of vanilla beans at a very low price. The beans are not identified so your pouch may include beans from multiple countries, multiple species and multiple grades. It's a fun way to experiences many different beans at once for a very low price. At least 95% of this blend will be grade A.

Celebrate our 7th anniversary with us by making an extract with the original vanilla beans that started us down this beautifully-sweet extract making rabbit hole!