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Bean Family: V. tahitensis
Bean Origin: Ecuador
Powder Quality: Ground entire vanilla pod. Zero additives. 100% vanilla.
Aroma: Vanilla, fauna, nectarine
Taste: Pronounced vanilla with velvety undertones of nectarines & dried fruit. 
Extract Substitute. Baking. Garnishes. Creams. Added to sugar.

We are pleased to present the latest addition to our family of ground vanilla bean powders. This vanilla bean is grown near the region Santo Domingo De Los Colorados. "De Los Colorados" refers to a local ethnic group called the Tsachila where it is the custom of men in that tribe to dye their hair with the extract of the achiote plant. The knowledge of how to extract oils from fruits dates back thousands of years in this region. 

man with hair died by achiote plant.

VanillaPura's vanilla bean powders are 100% vanilla bean with no added sweeteners or fillers. This is not the spray-dried vanilla powder from extract that is heated and includes silica. This is the real-deal ground vanilla bean with nothing but the entire vanilla pod ground  and then passed through a fine sieve to provide you with an easy-to-use fine ground vanilla bean powder. 

Many people like to substitute vanilla powder for vanilla extract in many recipes, when they are looking to add more of the beautiful vanilla speckles to the recipe, or when they are looking to avoid the use of alcohol in their cooking. For best results, many pastry chefs will recommend "blooming" your ground vanilla powder by adding it to a carrier liquid like cream or milk and heating it before use. 


The predominant flavor of this beautiful vanilla bean is a bold vanilla that is sweet and and rich with tropical fruit undertones and sweet spice. The mixture of flavors is similar to nectarines, perhaps an understated hint of anise, dried tropical fruit and flora. This makes The Colorado one of the most unique vanilla experiences in the world. Perhaps this shouldn't be a surprise, given the rich, fertile and lush soils where this bean is grown. 

Landscape of Ecuador


All VanillaPura vanilla bean powders are shipped vacuum sealed for freshness and should be stored unrefrigerated in a cool, dry and dark place. Each bean is inspected individually before pouching.

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