Cassia (Saigon) Cinnamon Gourmet from Vietnam - For Brewing, Distilling & Extracting

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Our wholesale cinnamon for brewers, distillers & extract makers program is designed to supply the highest quality and variety of cinnamon at the lowest prices to those that order significant volumes over the course of a year. Minimum orders are just 1lb, but you must order a combined total of $2,000.00/yr from the date of your first order to qualify for this program the following year and each year after. 

We will carry a one-month supply at no charge for customers that provide us with a 30-day forecast to ensure immediate shipping on recurring orders. 

Cinnamon Family: Cinnamomum aromaticum (Saigon)
Cinnamon Origin: Vietnam
Discount: 10% of your first order with promo code FIRSTORDER10
Lead Time:  First order: 5-30 days. As little as 2-4 days on future orders if 30-day forecast is provided. 
Aroma: Most common cinnamon. Bold, spicy cinnamon smell
Extract Taste: Spicy pronounced traditional cinnamon
Size 3-9 sticks/oz. Each stick is 3-5 inches long on average. 
Minimum Order 1lb - $37.83/lb = $2.36/oz
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Cassia (Saigon) cinnamon is one of the world's most widely-used spices. This is the original cinnamon tree bark, dating as far back as 216 BCE and found to provide sweetness in cooking, aromatic benefits with incense, oils and fragrance enhancers. This is the world's most popular and widely used cinnamon, originating in China but cultivated today in many regions around the world, including the region of this beautiful cinnamon stick: Vietnam. The rich, tropical soils of Vietnam capture a spicy, bold lovely cinnamon taste and aroma that you will find familiar, as this is the most popular cinnamon used by culinary professionals everywhere.

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When you open a pouch of Cassia Cinnamon sticks, you will notice that the aroma is a familiar and spicy cinnamon scent, but not overpowering, as the natural drying process of the quells locks the sweetness inside. As you visually observe the cinnamon stick, you will see that it is hollow and that the individual quells are quite thick and can be difficult to break. 

When you break or grind the quells, the wonderful cinnamon aroma is released. It's a bold, traditional and pronounced spicy cinnamon aroma. Dropping the cinnamon stick into an alcohol base for at-home extract-making also releases the beautiful, natural aroma. You will immediately notice that familiar cinnamon scent and, within just a few weeks, that beautiful and spicy cinnamon taste. 

While Cassia Cinnamon is esteemed greatly for its spicy cinnamon extract taste, it is also used in hot teas, holiday wassails, coffee, hot chocolate and horchatas among many others. It is also ground for its powder that is sprinkled on top of frostings, pies, drinks and other desserts.