33.75 oz Swing Top Glass Bottle Fuchsia Pink (Retail)



The classic go-to jar for extract making in our largest size. This swing-top glass bottle is stylish and functional as a bottle for regular use or a great mother jar. The swing top ensure an airtight seal and the clear glass allows you to watch your extract progress through the entire process. You will need 4oz of vanilla beans for this jar. 

Swing Top Bottle Features:

  • Fuchsia pink color
  • Swing top bottle creates hermetic seal 
  • 12.5 inches tall
  • 33.75 oz capacity bottle
  • Odor and stain resistant 
  • Hand wash only

The typical rule of thumb for extract making is 1oz of beans for every 8oz of spirits, so this bottle will require just 3oz of vanilla beans. As for spirits, we recommend white rum, vodka or bourbon. We have had customers use unique spirits as well, such as coconut rum or strawberry vodka and the results have been sweet and pleasantly surprising. So be creative and have fun!!

Making vanilla extract is simple: Just add beans, spirits and a lid...then wait for a year. You may need to cut your beans into smaller pieces to fit into your bottle. We also recommend slicing the bean pod down the middle so the seeds inside the bean are fully exposed. (This equates to faster extraction). Once each bottle is filled, store the vanilla extract in a cool place (65 degrees or so) and away from any sunlight. Watch as the extract slowly turns to a dark amber over time. 

Remember, pure and real extract is a rich, transparent amber color. It is NOT dark, cloudy or non-transparent. Many extract manufacturers infuse their extracts with corn syrup and other sugars and color additives...because it's cheeper and doesn't require as much time to extract. Real extract isn't rushed.  

Give extract making a try for yourself! We've made it easy. Just pick your bottle, select your vanilla beans and then choose your spirit.

Have fun and please tell us how it turned out!