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      Join the party with more than 20,000 extract makers. Become a member of our private Facebook group to learn about extract making and to share what you already know. Click on the images below or click here to join. You will meet thousands of extract-making pros, you will learn all the secrets to premium extract making at home, you will make new extract-making friends and you will qualify for our regular free-vanilla-bean giveaways.  

      Join our extract making party

      We started this group group so our customers could interact with thousands (yes, thousands) of other DIY vanilla extract lovers to share ideas, tips and insights about the world of extract making. And not just vanilla extract. We've had posts about strawberry, cherry and chocolate extracts, and so much more! 

      What kind of beans? What kind of spirits? What kinds of bottles? How much of each? Make friends and learn more at the same time. 

      Below are screen shots of recent discussions that our members have had within our group. As you will see from this small sample, we cover thousands of topics regularly. Click on any image at any time to join the group!


      vanilla extract with everclear?

      New to group

      My first vanilla extract

      Cinnamon extract


      No purchase is necessary to be a member of our group. Just a desire to learn or to help others learn about the world of extract making. Also, we tend to give away a lot of free vanilla beans in our group as well! 


      Making vanilla extract at home

      Glycerine vs. alcohol

      Bottles for vanilla extract

      Vanilla butter

      Vanilla sugar




      One of our favorite vanilla bean give-a-ways is "Free Beans for Kind Words" where members of our group nominate other group members that have shown kindness to them in answering questions or providing extract-making tips. Our group has become a happy and kind place on Facebook where strangers help strangers and become friends. We would love to have you join us!

      Free beans for kind words


      Click on any of the images above to join us on Facebook for endless conversations about extract-making at home with the most kind people on Facebook. We hope to see you there soon!

      Also, feel free to visit our VanillaPura comprehensive extract-making guide center right here on for more essential extract making tips and ongoing education.