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      The Commonwealth Collection

      The one-year anniversary of the Queen's passing is on 9/8/23, so we are proud to make this collection and sale available again until 9/8/23 at midnight, which is 9/9 at 8am in London.

      From last year - 2022:

      One of our favorite extract-making friends from Great Britain made the post below in our Facebook Group. We thought it was sweet and so we are pleased to make these items available for two days only at 15% off. Just enter promo code COMMONWEALTH15 at checkout.

      "With the passing of our Queen I thought to have a look at which beans come from the Commonwealth countries. As she was the ruler of this I thought this might be interesting. I know I will be ordering some beans from these areas next time. Love all the extracts made in her honor 💜💜

      India - Malabar
      Papua New Guinea - Kerema & Popondetta
      Sri Lanka
      Vanuatu - Mavea
      One group member left this comment and we agree: 
      "Awww … That’s so sweet. I’m charmed to see so many folks honoring her in such a kind and timeless way. It was good of you to do the research on the countries of origin, too. Thank you!"