This recipe is as sweet as it gets! Through our Facebook group, Making Vanilla Extract by VanillaPura, we have seen so many requests for this tasty treat. We believe it would go wonderfully on cornbread, oatmeal, peanut butter sandwiches and more! 


  • A jar of 1 cup of honey
  • 1 Grade-A VanillaPura Vanilla Bean split and cut (You can add more depending how much vanilla flavor you'd like. Typically, one bean per cup of honey.)
  • Jar with an airtight lid


  1. Split and cut the vanilla bean(s).
  2. Place them into the jar of honey.
  3. When beans float to the top of the jar, flip the jar and repeat the process. 
  4. Ready in about 1 month or until you taste enough vanilla flavor

 Here's a video tutorial:

VanillaPura Pro


After infusing honey with vanilla bean does it need to be refrigerated??

— Mary Remmers

Made my first infused honey today in four jars. And made one jar of extract in moonshine. Had 3 beans to start a sugar bag which I’ll expand on later. So easy to do. Now wait and shake. Thanks for all the great tips from this group of new friends.

— Doris Funk

Dumb question likely but when you split the bean and the seeds are in there do the seeds come out of the pod and you possibly just sift them out??

— Cindy

Omg❗ I love 💕😘 this❗ I made it & I gifted my neighbor some and now I’m the HOT TOAST, 🥰😚.

— Barbara Zeigler