If you like marshmallows, homemade it is, they are delicious.  Try cutouts for the holidays with the kids instead of cookies. Add a pan to your party instead of cake, yum!  You can also change the flavor by adding your different extracts, freeze dried fruits, Kool-Aid etc.   You will never buy another marshmallow-they are just that good!

This simple vanilla recipe is one of Starlette's family favorites. She's changed it a lot over the years by creating and using her own extracts and flavorings.  Everyone loves these cheerful sponges and all the flavors you can create with one basic batter.  This recipe works good in an 8x8 or 9x9 square pan.   I double the recipe when making a 9x13 pan. A good tip is to spray oil your pans, spatulas, and knives before and during use, it helps with sticking. 

Before starting, I recommend reading about marshmallows as they can be discouraging and a sticky mess. A stand mixer works best, but you can use a hand mixer, it just takes a bit longer to fluff. 

-1/2 cup corn syrup

- 1 cup water

-2 cups sugar

-3 packs gelatin ( 2 1/2 Tbsp)

-3 tbs Vanilla (2 in gelatin bloom/1 in syrup)

-Spray oil

-Candy thermometer

-Mallow Dust [50:50 mix of cornstarch/powdered sugar]


STEP 1: For the bloom:
Add 3 envelopes of unflavored gelatin to your mixer bowl with 1/2 cup of cold water. Add 2 tablespoons of vanilla or flavoring with the water to make the 1/2 cup, mix the gelatin and water gently with a fork and let it sit while you move on to the next step. 

STEP 2:  Marshmallow Base:
In a heavy saucepan, insert candy thermometer and cook 2 cups sugar, 1/2 cup light corn syrup, 1/2 cup of water, 1 tablespoon vanilla extract, and 1/4 teaspoon of salt over low heat, stirring until sugar is dissolved. Increase heat slowly and boil mixture until the candy thermometer registers 240°F, it takes about 8-10 minutes. 

STEP 3: Remove pan from heat, start mixer, and pour syrup into the bowl with the gelatin bloom, stir on low about a minute to dissolve the gelatin. Turn your mixer to setting #10 and beat on high speed for 7 minutes until white, thick, and nearly tripled in volume. It's ready when strings start pulling away from the sides. 

 STEP 4: Pour mixture into oiled pan and smooth with an oiled spatula. Be quick when removing the fluff from the bowl because it's sticky and sets fast. 

 STEP 5: Once in the pan, you can add toppings or sprinkles while it's still soft and push gently into the marshmallow.  Let set uncovered until firm, about 6-8 hours. I do this in the evening so it can set overnight. 

 STEP 6: To cut, sprinkle a 50/50 mix of powdered sugar and cornstarch on a cutting board.  Lifting one corner of your mallow with your fingers, loosen and pull gently from the pan onto the cutting board. Cut into 2-inch squares or so. If using cookie cutters, keep them oiled for easy removal. 

STEP 7: Roll in dusting mix or sanding sugar on all sides so they don’t stick.  Shake off the excess. I let sit for a couple hours to air dry once cut, then pack into an airtight container.  If adding chocolate and other toppings, don't dust the tops. 

Thank you Starlette. We just love all the detailed instructions. These will be perfect for s'mores for all the picnics, BBQ's and campouts this summer!


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I sure ate my share.

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I love this recipe! Easy to follow, and my daughter said it was the best I ever made! Making them right now as I post this; there I’m the whipping stage. So many friends are happy that they’re getting some for the holiday season! Thank you, Starlette!!

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